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Nomie Baby Has Got You Covered

Your children are probably angels, right?  They never make messes or spill anything or leak through or throw up in their car seats?  And so, you have never been out in the garage climbing all over the car trying to remove the covers and cushions and pads of your car seat to wash them (only to realize they are not actually machine washable).  You have never placed all of these items in the washing machine on the delicate cycle anyway, and then prayed that it would all come out “okay.”

Well, your children may be perfect, but mine are not.  CW has a gag reflex of epic proportions.  He has “christened” every car seat we own leaving a lingering smell that makes me feel ill any time I get close.  MD is our champion diaper soiler.  He leaked through his diaper and clothes to stain the car seat more times than I care to count. There has to be an easier solution, right?  Thankfully, there is.


Nomie Baby was created by a mom of three who struggled with cleaning her car seat liners, and decided she’d had enough wrestling. Nomie Baby was formed.  The car seat covers and stroller blankets are machine washable (and dryer safe).  The cover is made of a silky material next to your child’s skin, a comfortable padding to help absorb spills (and other things), and a wicking material treated to make it waterproof!  The stroller blanket is made of a super-soft fleece material on the inside and a quilted wind-resistant material on the outside.  Both slide on and off with ease, and are designed for any kind of strap (the openings have Velcro openings to adjust as needed).


While MD is too big for the infant stroller blanket Nomie Baby was nice enough to send me, I still stuck him in it.  You will notice that he is unhappy in the photo (see, my children are definitely not perfect!)…however, that had nothing to do with the cover.  He was hungry and sleepy. Later, when I didn’t have the camera, he was happy as could be inside the cozy blanket.  And, I’ve caught him rubbing his hands up and down the car seat cover.

I highly recommend both the stroller blanket and the car seat cover.  I found the Velcro a little difficult to get just right for the car seat, but still much easier than dealing with the actual car seat cushions/covers. On my amazing Mamas and Papas Sola stroller (see here for my review of the stroller), I could not put on the stroller blanket and still lower the shade for MD, but it worked fine on our umbrella stroller and I’ve seen it work just fine on my friends’ Maclaren strollers.

If you need a great baby gift idea, consider a Nomie Baby infant or toddler car seat cover and an infant or toddler stroller blanket.  You will not be disappointed.  In fact, you will probably do a little dance the first time your child makes a mess of that car seat and you just pull off the cover and stick it into the washing machine without another thought.

I want to thank Nomie Baby for sending me an infant stroller blanket and a toddler car seat cover!


photo10 150x150 Bonkers for BonchosKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

Kristin and MD received a Nomie Stroller Blanket and Car Seat Cover for purposes of review.  As always, all opinions are Kristin’s and her boys’ and were not influenced by anyone.

Babies Gotta Have It is an Amazon Associate.

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Bonkers for Bonchos – Baby Blanket Giveaway

Meet our new Babies Gotta Have It featured sponsor…Bonchos Baby Blankets!  Read on to find out why Kristin and MD are bonkers for them.  And stick around to enter to win your very own Boncho just in time for the cool weather months!


Have you ever tried to strap your child into his car seat in the middle of winter only to have his bulky coat prevent you from tightening the straps as much as you should?  Or, has your child arrived at Grandma’s with a zipper imprint on his face?  Or, have you placed a blanket over him only to spend the entire car ride checking to be sure it hasn’t somehow slipped and suddenly covered his face…or even better, your beautiful hand-crocheted baby blanket falls out when you open the car door and lands right in a muddy puddle? Or, maybe you’re like me and you skip the jacket altogether only to struggle your child into it once you have arrived at your destination.


Bonchos is here to offer a solution to your difficulties!  Bonchos are poncho-shaped blankets (thus the name) that can be securely placed over stroller harnesses, car seat straps, or front carriers to keep your child warm.  The Boncho is designed with head and arm openings so it will not get bunched up around your child’s face, fall onto the ground, or slide off of him.


Custom and reversible fabrics, and monogramming are all available options to create a unique ensemble for your baby!  Or, you can order a coordinating hat or scarf for baby (or older siblings)!  The soft fleecy fabrics and satin backing are comfortable and warm.  We were given the Luxury Collection Boncho in the Cuddy Puppy fabric and it’s so ultra soft that MD loves it just as much as a blankie for napping as I love it for a car seat and stroller blanket!


I only wish I had been given a Boncho when I was still carrying MD in the Baby Bjorn!  It would be perfect for that…and I spent a ton of time tucking blankets into the sides and front to keep his feet and legs warm, only to have them fall out within minutes.  These days, we have been using our Boncho Blanket in the stroller for our daily walk as well as watching from the sidelines while MD’s older brother plays soccer. Soccer practices are in the late evening and become very chilly (and buggy too–the Boncho also keeps the bugs off MD), but MD is toasty warm in his Boncho.  I have had a ton of questions from other parents interested in our Boncho already.


If you are looking for a unique baby gift, be sure to put a Bonchos Baby Blanket on your list.  With all of the great fabrics and patterns, and the wonderful versatility of this unique fleece baby blanket, you will be sure to find the right one for your little one.

And thanks to Deb at Bonchos, one lucky Babies Gotta Have It winner will receive the Bonchos Baby Blanket of her choice!  Choose your favorite Boncho from any of the collections: The Classic Collection, The Essential Collection or The Luxury Collection. Want to enter?  Read on!

To Enter the Bonchos Giveaway:

  • MANDATORY ENTRY #1: Visit the Bonchos website and browse all three collections. Leave a comment on this post sharing which pattern you would choose if you won! That’s it!  Entering is that easy!

***Want extra chances to win? After you have made your first entry as described above, do anything listed below and leave me additional comments for each one letting me know what you did!  Maximum of five entries per person.

  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet this giveaway. I’ve made it easy just cut and paste:  Win a fleecy car, stroller or baby carrier blanket from Bonchos, the Better Baby Blanket and @BabiesGottaHavT
  • Subscribe to my blog – click HERE!
  • “Like” Babies Gotta Have It on Facebook. Click HERE!
  • Email your friends about the giveaway and link to the giveaway post! cc me in the message (–I promise I will not spam you or your friends. Cross my heart.

Your email address will remain private and not be shared with anyone. Giveaway only open to those with U.S.  addresses. Must be 18 or older to win. Giveaway begins Tuesday October 2nd and ends on Tuesday October 23rd at 11:59 Eastern Standard Time. Very soon after, will select the winner and  I’ll email them immediately. After my daughter called Larry the Cable guy the last time she did a drawing, we have decided to take a little vacation from her choosing the winner. is in no way as cute and unpredictable as my daughter, but it is much more efficient and does not use any pieces of paper, even recycled ones. I am sure you will understand. Thanks for entering!


photo10 150x150 Big Boys Gotta Have It Part 2Kristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

Kristin and MD received a Bonchos baby blanket for purposes of review.  As always, all opinions are Kristin’s and her boys’ and were not influenced by anyone.

Update!  We have a winner! says “ 173″!  Congratulations Heather Wone!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

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Sing Loud! with Melissa Green

We have listened to a lot of music this summer.  Many weeks can go by here in our New York City apartment in which we don’t turn on the radio. But in the car on a road trip, you kinda have to.

Doc Hubby is a music snob.  Me, not so much.  When my parents took us on long road trips across the country we listened to Men at Work, taped from a live HBO special and played loudly on a boom box via cassette.  Or John Denver.  Or Johnny Cash.  “The Devil Came Down to Georgia,” “The Gambler,” “Sounds of Silence.” Lots of these songs have pretty grown-up themes.  I memorized every word because I have a freakish ability to memorize song lyrics. I don’t think I realized that when John Denver was sitting around the campfire and singing that everyone was high, that he didn’t just mean in elevation.

We have a now five year old.  She loves to sing.  She loves to sing loud.  She does that thing of inventing words that fit into the rhythms and general sound that she hears on the radio.  But then again sometimes she actually gets the lyrics right.  And when she started dancing in her room belting out “Call Me Maybe” I kind of thought…maybe we need to take a step back.

I don’t think Cate understands exactly what she’s singing.  But there’s a mature nature to these songs on the radio now, and a portraying of girls, particularly young girls, in a certain way, that I’m not so sure I can get behind.  I’m not a puritan about this.  It’s just…well, she’s only five.

Since I created Babies Gotta Have It, I have been introduced to so much wonderful kids music by amazing independent Kids Bands. Maybe we need to go back to them.

I just received a new CD for kids from the fantastic singer/songwriter Melissa Green called “Sing Loud!“. We played it today again while we made tutus for Cate’s fairy birthday party.  The songs are upbeat, rock and roll, catchy…all the elements of today’s top 40 songs.  But I don’t have to subtly change the lyrics as we sing along.  Melissa Green covers the pop hit “We Got the Beat” by the Go-Gos (with backup vocals by Brooke Shields no less) and the classic “Free to Be You and Me.”  Awesome.  Totally appropriate.  Bean loves “4 Nickels and a Dime” and “The Playdate.”  “The Playdate” is about asking a cool boy over to play.  No ripped-jeans-skin was showing. I’m singing along too and I’m not cringing at the lyrics.  I’m feeling good about the content and the musical quality.

The title track of Melissa Green’s CD is “Sing Loud.”  The first lyrics are “Stand Up. Sing Loud. Be Proud. Stand Up for Love.”  I think we should encourage our children to sing loud.  And stand up and be proud and stand up for love. I want my daughter to sing and dance and wiggle and twist and still be a little girl.  Not a woman.  Or a teenager.  Or even a tween.  A little girl.

I see your “Call Me Maybe” and I raise you “Sing Loud.” Watch the video. Stand up for love.

Many thanks to Melissa Green for the opportunity to review her new CD!

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Lovies Lovies and More Lovies

I received an adoption announcement today!  And you know what that means? After a long dearth of babies to shower, I now have another one to buy for.

This wee one is a second daughter.  So as I was thinking of what to buy, I wanted it to be something special just for her.  She will get gear and clothes handed down.  But what does she need for her very own?

A lovey.

I have always considered a lovey to be a baby must have (check out this oldie but goodie video featuring lovies).  And you know I love taggies.  So today I decided to see what the craftspeople on Etsy had to offer. I was not disappointed.  Here are just a few of the gorgeous lovies I found today while browsing for a gift for sweet Ruby Mae!

2D Zoo Minky Dot Lovey from MB Designs – You know I love taggies. And I love minky (if you haven’t felt minky fabric, you need to). And I love bold, bright, graphic designs.  And this is such a sweet pattern for boys. Check out all the adorable offerings at MB Designs.

Baby Lovey Blanket by Clare’s ClotheslineClare’s Clothesline Etsy shop offers more minky and more bold bright patterns, at a terrific price.  This cheerful blankie will cost you only ten dollars. And what’s even better, you can buy a matching burp cloth set if you’re so inclined.  So a gorgeous lovey and burpie set will run you $28.50 including shipping.  What a wonderful, affordable baby gift!

Sensory Ribbon Blanket by Sweetbug Studio – When it came time for me to choose a gift today, I picked an adorable lovey by Sweetbug Studio.  I love her fabrics.  I just love them.  As Kristin says in her descriptions, the fabrics tell a story.  I love that she backs her lovies in eco-friendly organic cotton fleece.  And I love how many beautifully coordinating ribbons she includes.

Homemade lovies.  Still something that babies just gotta have.


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Raise a Ruckus

There’s a new CD out from Hullabaloo, fittingly titled Raise a Ruckus!  If Elvis met Johnny Cash and Keith Urban that would get you close to the sound offered in this great children’s CD.  With its folksy sound and laugh-out-loud lyrics, you won’t be able to stop listening.  CW particularly liked “Dad Upside Down” and I had trouble not laughing too loudly to “Trash is My Treasure” which is about seagulls (full of alliteration… “dirty dumpster diver”)!

I particularly love that the lead singer Steve Denyes is an elementary school music teacher, folksinger, and songwriter, while his cohort Brendan Kremer is a rock ‘n’ roll drummer.  Together they are Hullabaloo.  Together they have created a CD that I would be happy to blast in my car every day.

 When Raise a Ruckus releases on September 4th, be sure to grab a copy!  Your kids will love it (and you’ll find yourself singing along too)!

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Look What the Stork Brought? Your New Go-To Baby Shower Gift

My baby is almost 5. I can’t quite wrap my mind around it. I think once they go to Kindergarten they are officially “big girls.” My days of having a preschooler are nearly over.

We do, however, have a new baby coming into our extended family.  My brother’s brother-in-law and his wife. A very desired and very long-hoped-for baby.  We are all over the moon.

So I am thinking again on a very personal level about baby showers and baby gifts.  Must haves and baby loves. What’s old and what’s new.

One of my favorite “new” baby gifts is the wonderful Stork Stack.  Adorable name. Really neat gift idea.  Here’s how it works.  Purchase a Stork Stack subscription for the new baby you love, and each month baby receives a beautifully packaged box of goodies including five carefully selected, high quality gifts for baby and Mama–each stack includes a goody for Mama!  And what’s even better…each Stork Stack is valued over $50 but costs only $28–including shipping!  So it’s a great deal!   Every month’s stack has it’s own theme and is suited for your child’s age and gender.  And every stack is a surprise, full of products hand-selected by the team of moms at Stork Stack. Check out the Our Stacks page to see some samples including July’s stack which was themed “Happy Birthday, America.”  It included five gorgeous products all made in America, by green sprouts, Maple Landmark Woodcraft, Dr. Robin, The Scrumptious Pantry, and JJ Cole. Choose a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription to pamper Mama and Baby throughout the year.

What’s more, with every Stork Stack membership purchased, Stork Stack donates stacks to families in need through Operation Showers of Freedom and So when you buy a gift for your loved one, someone else’s baby is showered as well.  Kinda makes that $28 stack worth even more, don’t you think?  Find out more on Stork Stack’s Give Back page.

I received the Shower Stack which can be ordered at any time and sent as a single gift.  Unlike the monthly subscription stacks, the Shower Stack always contains the same items–wonderful products by aden + anais, BabyLegs (one of my favorites), WubbaNub, EarthMama and Baby Organics, and Sticky Bellies.  An over $75 value. For $40 including shipping.  Shipped the day you order. And it is gorgeous.  Beautifully packaged.  Quality, excellent baby products.  At a great price. I think the Shower Stack makes a great baby gift as well.  And I’m so excited to pass my stack along to our new little bundle who should be arriving…any day!  Bean gains another “cousin.” And in so doing, she’s not the youngest any longer. More love to spread around. More opportunities to gift baby with the very best.

That’s something this Mama and my baby definitely gotta have.

Breaking news! Stork Stacks will be available in a week-long deal on Plum District starting today, July 21st! The August stack theme is “Splish, Splash and Sleep Tight!” Can’t wait to see what products are included.

Thank you to Stork Stack for sending us a Shower Stack to review and gift! As always, all opinions are my own and were sure as heck not influenced by anyone.

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Someone Else’s Shoes…A CD Compilation Full of Teachable Moments

CW was immediately interested in Someone Else’s Shoes.  He loved the rhythms, the musicality, and the words.  Of course, he kind of missed the point of “Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes” because he was very worried that it isn’t nice to stand in someone else’s shoes.  CW stated, “You have to ask them first, right?”  Well, I guess he’s at least getting part of the lesson!

In a world full of bullies, it is a struggle to teach a child to stick up for himself while being kind to others.  This CD teaches empathy and manners while encouraging living in harmony with others. Recess Music will release Someone Else’s Shoes on July 31 (it is the third in its “Best Foot Forward series”).

What sets this CD apart from others (other than the positive messages specifically for children ages 4-11) is the compilation of award-winning children’s musicians, including two-time Grammy winders Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer, four-time Emmy winning composer/performer Jamie Broza, and Parents’ Choice and NAPPA winner Swingset Mamas.  My favorite songs include “There’s No Place for Bullies in Our School” by The Hill Brothers, “Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes” by Swingset Mamas, and “Say Something Nice About Someone” by The Happy Crowd (CW was bopping his head next to me as we listened to it).  The songs range from folk, jazz, pop, and country-esque arrangements, so there is something for everyone, but you won’t feel like you are listening to children’s music!

If you have been looking for a great way to teach your children about being a kind, empathetic friend to others, Someone Else’s Shoes is the perfect CD for you!  It will be available online at, our affiliate, or iTunes!

photo10 150x150 Dapple Cleans Up Kristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

Thanks to Dapple  for the chance to review their products! As always, all opinions are Kristin’s and her boys’ and were not influenced by anyone.





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Dapple Cleans Up

Have you read all of the studies about how much bacteria is in the wet sand at the beach?  I have.   So when we headed to the beach last week, I was excited to try out Dapple’s line of baby-safe and baby-specific green household cleaning products.  I received a travel pack of Dapple toy cleaner wipes and a travel-sized dish liquid container the week before…perfect timing!

Made in the USA, Dapple’s products are all natural, free of SLES, parabens, chlorine, phthalates, and dyes.  The dish liquid rinses clean easily and effectively cleans your baby’s dishes!  The fragrance-free bottle and dish liquid works really well to clean out those bottles (I always found breast milk especially difficult, but this worked wonders)!  Plus, it is gentle on your hands, and being a parent means you are probably doing a lot of dishes (if you’re not, I would love to know your secret)!

Dapple also offers Pacifier Wipes, fragrance-free Baby Laundry Detergent, and more!  Don’t trust your child’s toys and pacifiers to just any cleaner; make sure it is the pediatrician-recommended, all natural Dapple!

photo10 150x150 Eat Your VegetabibblesKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

Thanks to Dapple  for the chance to review their products! As always, all opinions are Kristin’s and her boys’ and were not influenced by anyone.

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Go Plastic Free This Summer and Make Some Popsicles

I’m on a bit of a green kick these last few weeks.  I posted about plant-based compostable paper and plastic cups, recycling kids clothes with thredUP, and now as the temperature soars here in the Northeast I’m back on the no plastic kick.

Plastic is creepy enough.  But when it gets very very hot or very very cold I’m even more freaked out.  How is it that for years we drank tepid plastic-flavored water from plastic containers that sat in hot backpacks for hours and didn’t think….hmmm…maybe that’s not right?  I’ve been trying to learn about food and milk container safety since I started Babies Gotta Have It and I’m pretty convinced by the evidence.

But look it’s summer!  It’s hot!  We all want to have fun and what’s more fun that making homemade popsicles?!  Not much, I say!  My good friends at our partner sent us their amazingly awesome, space-age Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold and we tried it last weekend.  And the popsicles came out absolutely perfectly!

The mold is all stainless steel (obviously plastic and BPA free) and comes with a pack of wooden popsicle sticks which you’ll need to replenish when you use them all (you can even order reusable bamboo ones from NoPlastic).  Insert the awesome shaped popsicle mold into the rack, pour in your filling of choice, lay the lid on top.  Each lid has a rubber, colored disc on top with a slot for the stick.  Stick in the stick.  Freeze.  You can remove one popsicle at a time without having to melt any of the others, which is awesome.  Run your popsicle under hot water for half a second and the metal mold easily slides off revealing a PERFECT popsicle.  The lid becomes a convenient juice-catcher.  Oh and the different colored discs on each mold allows each kid to have his very own popsicle that he made.  Genius.

And homemade popsicle recipes have come a long way.  Check out the offerings on Epicurious. And of course Martha has some amazing looking options.

Homemade, healthy, frozen treats. That’s something Mamas and Babies definitely gotta have.

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Let Me Count the Ways…

I spotted Little Master Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet at an awesome independent bookstore upstate in New Paltz last weekend and had a brief moment of not-so-forbidden love right then and there.

“Romeo & Juliet, a Counting Primer” is a  brightly colored board book for toddlers, a counting book for Shakespeare nerds and literary geeks, and the first taste of the Bard for their babies. Shakespeare geeks like me.  1 Balcony….2 Loves…

Bean is almost five.  She is too old for this book.

Dang it.  So who can I buy it for…

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