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Small Apartment? Big Stroller? No problem.

Because three months is really quite long enough to store the tricycle in the living room, get yourself a Stroll Away stroller hook from Metro Tots and make more room in the entry hallway!  Watch the video, you’ll see what I mean.

Seriously…why didn’t someone think of this sooner.

Here’s the lowdown: this stroller storage hook mounts on the door without drilling any holes, it comes with a spacer to adjust to various door sizes, the arms adjust to accommodate most stroller models (up to 35 pounds), and it folds flush against the door when you’re not using it.  They are coming out with a wall mount model for garages and a multi-stroller rack system soon so keep checking their site.

The road to home organization just got a little bit clearer.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.

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For the Baby Who Has Everything…Shelves!

  • Oh yeah, my one-year-old puts her toys away. Sure she does. Every afternoon we play “Watch Baby Trash Her Room” and then she meticulously puts all her things away. Uh huh. Yup.
  • Looking for baby organizers?  Our baby storage furniture includes the Real Home Innovations Kids Pastel 12 Bin Organizer from Lowe’s. And here’s a similar baby organizer from Target in primary colors.
  • Splurging on your nursery furniture? Check out this gorgeous open storage systsem from The Land of Nod. It comes in lots of colors and is not crazy expensive, all things considered.

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