Back to Preschool…and a few Product Picks

The Bean’s new preschool teachers came to our house today for the “home visit” before school starts next week.  She was so excited that when they buzzed downstairs she flew to the apartment door, opened it, and stood there  clutching her pillow pet until they came up in the elevator.  Did I bake zucchini bread with Bean that morning just so our house would exude home-baked warmth when they arrived?  Maybe.  I know I vacuumed the living room rug so they wouldn’t think we were complete slobs.   I’ll admit, I wanted her new teachers to think I am a warm and wonderful mom.  And I definitely want them to have a warm and wonderful impression of the Bean when she walks into her new room next Wednesday.

Mostly, I’m excited that she is so excited. She seems undaunted that she’ll be in a totally different room with new teachers and a whole new group of kids.  The irony of this is, of course, that I’m actually going back to work to do a new play the day before she goes back to school.  I’m all worried about not really knowing anyone (except that unlike the Bean I do know someone in my “class”) and who I’ll eat lunch with and what I’ll wear on my first day.  Bean, on the contrary is all “yippee my NEW room” and “hooray my NEW school friends”  No awkward nerves appear to be bouncing around her three year old head.  She’s all confidence.  I could take a lesson from that.

So what products am I really excited about for Back to Preschool this year?

Laessig Mini Backpack - Deer DesignLaessig Mini Backpack - Planet Design

HER FIRST BACKPACK – The Bean was sent the Mini Backpack Classic by the super neat German company Laessig and we both love it!  Adorable graphics and great colors (we chose the purple backpack with the deer but check out the fantastic styles for boys too) as well as lots of fun pockets to stash gravel and clover flowers and broken crayons and the massive amount of artwork that will be coming home with her daily.  And it’s just the right size for a preschooler.  You also gotta love that Laessig backpacks are earth friendly! All their products are made of 100% pollutant-free materials and contain no PVC, nickel, AZO dyes or phthalates. I love these backpacks and I think you will too! So…where can you find them?  Check out or for a good selection.

Citizenpip Reusable Lunch Kits

HER FIRST LUNCHBOX – Okay actually, the Bean is only going half day for four days a week.  I couldn’t bear to send her/justify the massive expense of full time preschool for a three year old.  My mother says preschool kids should go to school the same number of days per week as their ages.  Try finding a New York City preschool that will take three year olds for less than four days  a week.  But I digress.  Christina at Citizenpip sent us one of their awesome reusable lunch kits last year and it remains a favorite product of mine.  Eco-friendly in every way. No BPA or nasty chemicals.  A water bottle that doubles as an ice pack. Reusable cloth napkins even.  And the new designs are cute cute cute.  As soon as Bean starts taking her lunch, it will be packed in this kit.  Get yours at

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Sneakers by Stride Rite

NEW SCHOOL SHOES – Picking out a brand new glistening pair of sneakers in September is one of the simple joys of life. Get this. Stride Rite has Star Wars sneakers now.  I’m not a big fan of animated characters plastered all over everything.  However, I saw the first Star Wars movie when it came out in 1977 (I don’t care what “episode” it is…for me it’s the original dang “Star Wars” numero uno).  I collected the trading cards and had the original action figures.  I spent hours agonizing over whether I should marry Luke or Han. As a result, for me, Star Wars is different.  And among the offerings in the collection they have paired old school Star Wars images with old school sneaks.  I am dying for a pair of the Milennium Falcon sneakers for myself. And extra kudos for putting baby girl in one of these awesome pairs of kicks.

Or you could just get her these:

Stride Rite Juliet Boots


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