Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bags. If Only They Came In Adult Sizes Too.

Thanks to the  folks at and Merino Kids, here’s another great review by Kristin and little MD…who is getting bigger! I’ve been singing the praises of wearable blankets or sleep sacks for a few years and they are widely available now in a great selection of styles and fabrics…I’ll post my very own walk down memory lane video at the bottom of Kristin’s review.  I haven’t tried Merino wool, but after reading this I think I need some new long underwear!

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bags

If you are a new mom, then chances are you’ve heard of sleep sacks.  You may have even tried a few.  They typically come in many colors, sizes, and some have the option to swaddle.  But, I bet that you haven’t tried Merino Kids Sleep Bags.  And if you haven’t, then you should!

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag on

Maybe you’ve heard of Merino wool…the soft, all-natural, biodegradable fabric that regulates your temperature and allows your body to breathe?  My family swears by Merino wool for our annual cross-country skiing trip.  In fact, even though I have extremely sensitive skin, my Merino wool long underwear has never bothered my skin.  So with that in mind, when I was given the opportunity to try a Merino Kids Sleep Bag for MD, I was ecstatic (I know it may not seem that exciting, but trust me, it is)!

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag at

With the cooler temperatures of fall, we often relish the time without either the air conditioning or heat.  And during this time of year, sleep sacks are a great option.  As the fall temperatures drop, so do the temperatures in MD’s room (and although we should probably turn on the heat, I just can’t quite justify it yet).  Instead, I broke out the Merino Kids Sleep Bag, placed him in a long-sleeved onesie, zipped him in, put on a little hat, and into the crib he went.  The soft, all-natural fabric did not bother his sensitive skin, and he woke up with a huge smile!  Best of all, there are snaps at the top of the bag so that it doesn’t have to go over his head and it becomes snug around the arms.  The zipper goes 2/3 of the way around and makes it easy for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Even better, the Merino Kids Sleep Bag ranges in sizes from newborn to older toddler, and is effective between temperatures of 59-68 degrees!  If you have a toddler who wriggles out of their blankets and sheets, this is a perfect option.  And, if you want to be able to take them from the car seat or stroller to bed, there is a “pocket” feature that allows the safety strap to easily slide through the legs!  Perfect for kids, great for peace of mind.  If only they had one for adults, then when my husband steals the covers at night, I would be toasty warm!

Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag at

For more information and to learn where to buy, check out the great selection on

Kristin -  Babies Gotta Have It New Contributing WriterKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.


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