The Best Baby Monitor for a Good Night’s Sleep

I remember that feeling so well…you are wheeled out of the hospital with your new baby in your arms and then the orderly just turns around and leaves.  You.  Alone.  With your baby. “You mean they are just going to let me take it home?” Bring on the anxiety. Here, Kristin reviews an innovative new monitor from Babies Gotta Have It favorite, Tommee Tippee that goes a long way to calming those new baby nerves. Thanks so much Tommee Tippee for providing the monitor for review!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Baby Monitor

A sense of peace and a newborn do not really go hand in hand.  But, with the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor you can sleep more peacefully knowing that your baby is safely sleeping in his crib.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Baby Monitor

This innovative video monitor allows parents to have a bit more peace of mind when they leave the nursery.  The key feature of the monitor is its unique sensor pad. Before set up, parents need to take the time to read the directions carefully (and there are a ton of them) so that they adjust the sensor mat to the best possible setting for their baby.  Designed to sit under the baby’s crib mattress, the pad monitors your child and sounds an alarm if no movement has been detected after 20 seconds. Most parents benefit from the sensor pad when their baby is a newborn. However, once the baby can move freely around the crib, parents can choose to remove the sensor pad and use the monitor as a stand-alone model.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor

Parents can also change the sensor-pad sensitivity levels if the mattress is thicker than the suggested amount.  Although I read many reviews of the sensor pad and people complained that they had many false alarms (one sounds on the parent unit and one on the baby unit), I did not have this experience.  I did forget to turn off the sensor pad once when I took MD out of the crib and the alarms went off then…they scared me nearly to death…but I felt better knowing it was definitely working and that I would be able to get to MD more quickly if he had a breathing problem during the night.

In fact, our nephew just had open-heart surgery and we highly recommended the Tommee Tippee monitor with the sensor pad.  He was having breathing problems when he first came back from the hospital, and we thought it would ease his parents’ minds to have a video monitor that responds to his movement in his room.  This monitor is ideal for parents of high-risk babies!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Monitor

The monitor also has a great “talk-back” feature that you can use to talk to your baby from another room.  This has actually worked great for our 3-year-old son, CW, more than for our baby, but it is a great feature.  And we love being able to see our boys on the large screen!  We can tell if MD is really upset when he wakes up early from a nap, or if looks like he’ll fall back to sleep.  And, when we used the monitor in CW’s room, we were able to see if he was actually napping or not (and tell him to go to sleep using the speaker function)!  This is particularly nice when I am nursing MD and cannot go up to CW’s room to give him that “go back to sleep or else” glare!

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Pad Baby Monitor

My two favorite features of the monitor, though, are the adjustable baby night light on the monitor and the temperature sensor for the nursery!  This has been really helpful for us, as MD’s room tends to be the coolest room in our house.

Although the monitor states that it has automatic channel changing to decrease interference, we did have severe interference with our other video monitor (even though the other video monitor still worked, the TT monitor no longer transmitted the sounds CW was making).  So, if you have another video monitor, be aware that there could be interference between the two.

Overall, I highly recommend the the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Video Sensor Mat Monitor (available at Toys R Us), and it will certainly give new parents a sense of peace when they bring their newborn home!


Kristin with CW and MDKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.


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    Pauline said,

    July 31, 2013 @ 1:10 am

    My daughter is having a baby in September. My daughter in law has one of these monitors and loves it! We are from Canada and they don’t have them here any more. I was just wondering where and how I could get one for my daughter. If could you please let me know how I could get one and how much they are! If you could please email me, that would be very awsome! Thank you!!

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