Amp Up Your Apps With WebMD and The Snow Ball

Here’s another great review from up and coming tech experts Kristin and CW!

Is There a Doctor Available?

I have come to the conclusion that I may be an app junkie!  I love new apps on my phone, and there are a number of apps that I can’t live without.  One of those apps is the new WebMD Baby app!  And if you’re at all like me, you will love this app because it is so simple to use and it’s completely free!  There are weekly tips (this week’s tip for MD is about naps and bedtime struggles…SO timely for us) and daily Doctor tips!  Plus, you can access all of the great information from WebMD about health and wellness questions, as well as an illnesses and emergencies section.  There are other sections Just for Moms, Just for Dads, Parenting Tips, Baby Week by Week, Ask the Pediatrician, Milestones, Vaccines, and Baby Doctor Visits.

Next time you have a question about symptoms, instead of “googling” them, go straight to your WebMD app and see what the experts say.

CW Has fun With "The Snow Ball" App

Your Child Will Have a Ball with the Digital Book “The Snow Ball”

If you are bored with the books and games for your child on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Motorola Xoom, or Samsung Galaxy Tab devices, you will be happy to hear that another great quality book and game are available now.  David Steinberg’sThe Snow Ball” digital book is accompanied by an adorable game called “Penguin Attack.”  Check out the trailer here.

“The Snow Ball” can be read aloud to your child, or he can choose to read it himself.  On every page, he can touch the polar bears or penguins and they dance, sled, or say cute phrases.  The book is witty with beautiful illustrations by Liz Conrad.  CW laughed at the silly penguins, and especially loved the music selections at the “Snow Day Ball!”  I loved the catchy phrases like, “Thump-thump-galumping.” And, “Balumping on their bellies.  Skit-skat-skadoodle up to Icicle Hall.” The word play is original and fun!

CW Enjoys The Snow Ball App

“Penguin Attack” is great for problem solving and learning early Geometry.  Your child has to try to get the polar bears to the Snow Day Ball without falling in the water holes.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, if it weren’t for all of the penguins that lie between the bears and the ball, it would be easy. Your child has to figure out how to bounce the bears off of the penguins at an angle that will get them into the ball safely.  It is a mixture of pool and bowling, and CW laughs hysterically every time he plays it.

Before this winter becomes a memory,  check out “The Snow Ball” and pick up the free “Penguin Attack” game too!

Kristin with CW and MDKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

Kristin received “The Snow Ball” app free for the purpose of review, but as always, her opinion is entirely her own and has not been influenced by anyone!


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