A Neat Seat for Your Not-so-Neat Toddler

Affiliate Link - Prince Lionheart SeatNeat Chair Protector

If your child is a clean eater, then I think you are among the few.  My children leave a graveyard of scraps, crumbs, and puddles under their chairs.  And if you dare to look around the booster, you would be completely aghast!  The amount of crumbs, stains, and marks on my wooden chairs could put even the most relaxed parent into a germaphobic state of panic.

Prince Lionheart SeatNeat

No more.  Prince Lionheart has a solution that I could not be more excited about!  SeatNeat is designed to fit atop any chair to protect wood, leather, and upholstered dining chairs.  It easily wipes clean, and leaves your dining chairs looking great!  You will no longer have to panic when that fastidious friend shows up unannounced and proceeds to sit in “that” chair!

Affiliate Link - Prince Lionheart SeatNeat

The SeatNeat has side flaps to prevent the straps of the booster from rubbing against your upholstered chairs.  And, with a non-slip bottom and water resistance, Prince Lionheart has “covered” all its bases!

Affiliate Link - Prince Lionheart SeatNeat

Although my almost-four-year-old boy does not use a booster at home any more (he humored me for the sake of photos), he does use one at his grandma’s house.  She will be elated to remove the towel that currently protects her chairs in favor of this amazing cover.  You cannot go wrong with the SeatNeat!

Kristin with CW and MDKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

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