I’ll Have A Green Green Easter – Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

April is Earth Month. April is Spring. April is flowers blooming and birds singing…and so much plastic crap in Easter Baskets!  Plastic crap that lasts forever. How long do you suppose it takes a typical plastic Easter Egg to biodegrade…? Answer: I have no idea.  I suppose if I knew what number was on the bottom of a plastic Easter egg I could find out easily enough.  But I’m not sure they come printed with numbers.  Traditional plastic Easter eggs last long enough that I found at least one website that suggests using them for time capsules…so… What about plastic Easter grass? Or the stuff that is in traditional egg dye? Or Peeps for that matter? Just kidding.  I love Peeps way way way too much.

So. How to green up our Easters this year?  I have a few suggestions! Hooray for Earth friendly holidays!

ecoeggs Ill Have A Green Green Easter   Eco Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Biodegradable Easter Eggs File under “It’s About Friggin’ Time!” This is such a no brainer to me, and I’m so glad someone has finally done it!  Eco Eggs are biodegradable, compostable, fillable, colorful, plastic Easter Eggs made out of corn! At $30 for 96 eggs this is definitely a choice I’m making this Easter.

eastergrass Ill Have A Green Green Easter   Eco Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Homemade Easter Grass I’m gonna be honest with you here.  I totally thought of this yesterday when I was shredding bills.  But I guess Martha thought of it four years ago…and took the idea a step further by suggesting you use small scraps of wrapping paper. Touche Martha.  Either way, choose paper Easter grass instead of plastic.

eco eggs Ill Have A Green Green Easter   Eco Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

All Natural Easter Egg Dyes Of course you can make your own dyes, which actually sounds like a lot of fun and produces beautiful results.  But if you don’t fancy boiling up a vat of red cabbage and vinegar (oh our apartment neighbors would love it when that odor comes wafting down the hall) try the eco-eggs egg coloring kit by eco-kids.  We reviewed this kit last year and I kept the eggs to use again this year.  They are gorgeous.  I’ll post a photo later this week.

easterbasket Ill Have A Green Green Easter   Eco Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Heirloom Fabric or Wood Baskets Skip the plastic basket! Buy a fabric basket to reuse year after year, or even for a different purpose, and make your basket a real masterpiece.  For my money, etsy is the place to look for these– you can find personalized fabric baskets, adorable crochet baskets, and the gorgeous basket pictured above by ‘beccas baskets.

And then it’s time to fill them!  Load up on Fair Trade chocolates, organic sweeties, and lots of cute toys made with anything but plastic.  Petite Planet has a post with some great suggestions of eco-friendly Easter basket gifts for green kids!  Check them out!

Less plastic in the season of renewal.  That’s something Mamas and Babies definitely gotta have.


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