This Fourth of July Have a Red, White, Blue & Green Picnic

This post written last Friday afternoon…not published then because, well, I was scrambling!

There’s just no getting around it.  Summer means food.  And food means Mama’s planning meals.  Meals for three.  For five.  For ten.  And yet, when you’re dealing with families and kids there’s just no planning, is there?

We’re hosting a last minute get together with Doc Hubby’s parents this weekend, and I’ve been spending the morning repurposing my menus from our last planned weekend with friends…which we had to cancel because Bean was sick and had been exposed to Coxsackie (basically foot and mouth disease–ugh).  She didn’t end up having it, but, as goes life, our weekend plans were scrapped at the last minute.  And now again, at the last minute, we have plans for visiting.  And as every Mama out there knows, visiting means eating.

I’ve been browsing my Pinterest boards for recipes–finally I’m gonna do something about all that yummy stuff I’ve been pinning.  And, as we Mamas do, I’ve got a plan for meals basically laid out.  It’s a mixture of being prepared and flying by the seat of your pants, this Motherhood.  Isn’t it?  We stock and think and fret and prepare.  And then we improvise.

One thing I’m trying to stock are greener picnic products.  So I’m just not just mindlessly picking up less environmentally friendly options during the last minute scramble phase of the picnic planning.  Recently I was introduced to Repurpose Compostables — a line of affordable, sustainable, plant-based cutlery and and cups.  And I am so glad I have them in my cabinets, ready for use.

Repurpose’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastics from the environment and help consumers easily incorporate eco-friendly, sustainable products into their lives.  So what does it mean that the products are compostable?  What if you don’t have a compost pile in your back yard?  Well, actually that’s not where these items belong. The idea is actually that the plant-based Repurpose Compostable products will break down completely within 90 days in an industrial composting setting (don’t get all gloaty you Bay Area people with your ubiquitous composting bins).  Don’t have one of those in your backyard either? Well, even if these products end up in a landfill they will break down more quickly and generate less CO2 than other recyclable plastics that are sent to a landfill. And because only 5% – 8% of plastics are recycled properly to begin with, these compostable products are a much better choice.

But maybe the video below says it best of all.  Repurpose Compostable hot and cold cups, and new utensils are plant based.  Read the Repurpose FAQ page for more info, but basically they perform as well as traditional plastics but ultimately they are made of corn, instead of petroleum.  Corn.  Renewable.  Compostable.  Corn. I’d rather put than in my mouth than oil. Just sayin’.  Repurpose hot cups are in stores now and the cold cups and utensils will be coming out in September 2012. The hot cups are available now at Bed Bath & Beyond, Gourmet Guild, Gelson’s the Super Market, and online at our affiliate

Looking for more ways to green up your holiday picnic?  Check out the Glad Waste Less One Bag site.  The One Bag campaign challenges you to send only one bag of trash to the landfill after your event with all the rest going to recycling and compost.  Whether you’re hosting a tailgate, a wedding or a 4th of July shebang, check out their downloadable tips to reduce the amount of trash you put out there this summer season.

This 4th of July, why not be prepared to go red, white, blue and GREEN with Repurpose Compostables.  They won’t cook your food for you.  But they’ll help you and your family eat it and feel good about it.  That’s something Mama’s definitely gotta have.


Thank you to Repurpose compostables for sending me product to review.  As always, all views expressed in this post are totally my own and were in no way influenced by anyone. 


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