Go Plastic Free This Summer and Make Some Popsicles

I’m on a bit of a green kick these last few weeks.  I posted about plant-based compostable paper and plastic cups, recycling kids clothes with thredUP, and now as the temperature soars here in the Northeast I’m back on the no plastic kick.

Plastic is creepy enough.  But when it gets very very hot or very very cold I’m even more freaked out.  How is it that for years we drank tepid plastic-flavored water from plastic containers that sat in hot backpacks for hours and didn’t think….hmmm…maybe that’s not right?  I’ve been trying to learn about food and milk container safety since I started Babies Gotta Have It and I’m pretty convinced by the evidence.

But look it’s summer!  It’s hot!  We all want to have fun and what’s more fun that making homemade popsicles?!  Not much, I say!  My good friends at our partner NoPlastic.ca sent us their amazingly awesome, space-age Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold and we tried it last weekend.  And the popsicles came out absolutely perfectly!

The mold is all stainless steel (obviously plastic and BPA free) and comes with a pack of wooden popsicle sticks which you’ll need to replenish when you use them all (you can even order reusable bamboo ones from NoPlastic).  Insert the awesome shaped popsicle mold into the rack, pour in your filling of choice, lay the lid on top.  Each lid has a rubber, colored disc on top with a slot for the stick.  Stick in the stick.  Freeze.  You can remove one popsicle at a time without having to melt any of the others, which is awesome.  Run your popsicle under hot water for half a second and the metal mold easily slides off revealing a PERFECT popsicle.  The lid becomes a convenient juice-catcher.  Oh and the different colored discs on each mold allows each kid to have his very own popsicle that he made.  Genius.

And homemade popsicle recipes have come a long way.  Check out the offerings on Epicurious. And of course Martha has some amazing looking options.

Homemade, healthy, frozen treats. That’s something Mamas and Babies definitely gotta have.


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