Udi’s for Your Little Foodies

We are in the midst of planning Bean’s 5th birthday party.  It will be a fairy party.  I have signed on to make about a dozen tutus.  Game on.

So far we have blissfully avoided the craziness of New York City birthday parties.  They have all been rather, dare I say, normal.  Nice, but not extravagant. Bowling and crafting. We did go to a neat party at the Madame Alexander Factory which is right here in NYC.  I am planning to have ours in our apartment.  A fairy party is really better suited to a backyard, but we’re kind of short on those up here on the Upper West Side. I think we’ll end the party in the park with a fairy scavenger hunt.

I have been trolling Pinterest and the interwebs for Fairy Party Ideas. I’m super excited about all the cute food options.  We will probably have one child at the party with a gluten allergy so I’ve been definitely thinking about what we can offer her.  Then I found a link to a woodland fairy party (brace yourself, it’s unbearably gorgeous) that described a make-your-own trail mix station consisting of “chipmunk chips” (dried bananas), “wrinkled grapes” (raisins), “fairy berries” (raspberries), and “gnome made granola” (granola!).  And thanks to my discovery of Udi’s Gluten Free Granolas, it’s all gluten free!

I was delighted when the folks at Udi’s offered my family a chance to review a variety of their gluten free granolas.  I have to say, my favorite was the Vanilla Sweet and Crunchy flavor.  I’m a bit of a wheat and gluten addict, and so I do try to cut back from time to time.  Yogurt, granola and berries is my go-to summer breakfast and I have really enjoyed Udi’s in the mix.  The granola is crunchy and has a nice honey flavor.  The almonds are slivered nice and thin and have a satisfying crunch. Udi’s granola is made in their Colorado gluten-free bakery and is available on the shelves at local grocery stores across the company.  Check out the store finder on their website to find a location near you.

Whether you have a gluten allergy or your kids have a gluten allergy or you just like the way your body feels when you go gluten-free, Udi’s is a great option. My best luck losing weight as an adult was when I cut out wheat, dairy and sugar.  Okay, well anyone will lose weight if they do that.  But even after I added a little dairy and sugar back, I stayed off wheat for quite a while.  And I did feel really good.  If you’re curious about going gluten free yourself, Udi’s has a lot of information for you to check out on the website.  And it also has a community page with a forum offering ideas, support, recipes and more.  So check out Udi’s granola to go with all those ripe blueberries coming in right now.  Maybe it’s time for Mama to go back on that diet…

And just remember…Udi’s granola also serves well as “Gnome Made Granola” for your next Fairy Birthday Party.


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