Let me start by saying my family is fine.  We are so very lucky.  We live uptown in what feels like a fortress on a hill and despite some frighteningly loud wind, jitters, and a few unexpected days off of school, we emerged pretty much completely unscathed.  We have cable and power and warm showers.  My friends five miles away did not for a week.  Several still don’t.  Not to mention those in New Jersey and Connecticut and elsewhere out of town who won’t have power for ages.  Or homes in some cases.

Our city is coming together in a way I haven’t seen, well, since 2001.  And in reality, people can be more actively involved in this effort, because unlike that horrible September eleven years ago, we are needed.  Desperately needed.  This crisis calls even more for people to help.  My husband is at the hospital tonight because Downtown Hospitals are evacuating and this time there are patients to be seen.  Last time they mobilized, but the hospitals were empty.  Not many patients emerged from the ash.  My friends are donating and volunteering and reaching out in an ever-growing and inter-connected web of action in a way that we couldn’t in 2001.  Because that horrible scene could only be handled by the amazing first responders.  New Yorkers can donate socks and rake leaves in Riverside Park.  We can give our time and we can give our resources.  And that does feel in some ways more productive.  As we move toward yet another new normal.

Other bloggers have already done an amazing job amassing lists of volunteer and donation opportunities.  I can do no better than to link to several.

Kim at Mom in the City has posted 30 Ways NYC Families Can Help After Hurricane Sandy, many of which can be utilized by out-of-towners as well.

Jennie at In Jennie’s Kitchen has posted her list in a post called Alternate Worlds

Cool Mom Picks posted Hurricane Sandy: More Than a Dozen Ways You Can Help

And I just want to link to an organization I have only become familiar with since Sandy, Hope for New York.  Their Hurricane Relief page has great links and opportunities.

With hope for Spring.  And love for New York.


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