Adventure on the Risky Rails with Thomas & Friends

Remember what a big fan CW is of Thomas the Tank Engine?  Here’s his review of the new Thomas & Friends Risky Rails Bridge Drop Train Set!  Enjoy!

Huge boxes mean fun surprises at my house.  And they are usually for the kids.  So, when this box arrived, both boys were eager for the box to be opened.  They hovered.  They hooted.  They danced.  They climbed (onto the box, of course).

And when the box was opened to reveal a brand new TRAIN SET, who could be happier than these two boys!  CW actually jumped up and down and said, “Ooh, is it for me?  Is it for US to play with?  Can we set it up now?”  Dinner plans went out the window, as setting up the Thomas & Friends Risky Rails Bridge Drop commenced.


As a word of caution, do not attempt to put this together while your toddler is around.  He will climb all over the pieces, take parts away, and crumple the directions.  I highly recommend putting this together while your children are asleep!  It has a lot of pieces, and although they are all labeled with letters (yay for labels!), it is still a longer process than I would have liked.  We actually had to tell the boys that it would be together in the morning and pushed them up the stairs to do something else instead.

 If you are purchasing this train set for a child who is three years old and older, you should be fine (the set is recommended for 36 months-7 years).  If your child has a younger sibling, however, be prepared to fix the train track about one hundred times daily.  While CW had a great time with the train and track, and he loved that the bridge dropped as the train went over it, he did not love that his brother would cause its constant destruction.  MD would try to push the trains along the track and the track would subsequently collapse.  Perhaps placing the train set in CW’s room would have been a better option, but MD absolutely loves trains and so it was difficult to keep him away.  And inevitably he would collapse the track and then chuck the train across the room out of frustration.

 The track is the tallest TrackMaster set available, and it has a drop-bridge and cranes to send boulders down a zip line to the bottom of the quarry.  Both boys loved the zip line, and it was easy to fix the tension on the line so that it would travel quickly and freely.  If your children love trains and they are above age three, then I would highly recommend the Thomas & Friends Risky Rails Bridge Drop.

photo10 150x150 A Letter Hunt in the Hundred Acre Wood and a Math Safari with the Cat in the Hat Kristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and new baby brother MD.

Kristin and CW received the Thomas & Friends Risky Rails Train Set for purposes of review.  As always, all opinions are Kristin’s and her boys’ and were not influenced by anyone. Babies Gotta Have It is an Amazon affiliate.



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