Three Bugs Since December Twelfth

Three bugs since December twelfth.  The first struck the night we went to see the Rockettes.  The second struck on New Years Eve (and was diagnosed as a double ear infection on my birthday).  The third hit on Friday night.  While she was still on antibiotics for the ear infections. This is the outfit she put together for a quick run to Starbucks this afternoon.  Some kind of a jaunt to break up twelve hours in a New York City apartment.  I particularly like the crocs and pompom hat combo.

Blame it on worst cold and flu season in recent memory.  Or on global warming–everyone knows these crazy warm-ups in the middle of winter makes everyone get sick.  Well, that’s what my grandmother would say anyway. When Bean gets the crud, it goes right to her chest.  Hello TB ward cough. And then it lasts for a month. And I hate sending her to school sounding like that.

Many cold and cough medicines for children have been taken off the market due to safety concerns.  But not, I was so happy to discover, the all-natural home remedies for cough by Matys.  So what’s so good about all-natural? As the Matys website says:

We at Maty’s are unearthing the age-old tradition of all-natural remedies, good for the body and the environment. We have carefully crafted safe, all-natural treatments for your child–and for you! With our products you can be sure that you are getting the finest, most effective ingredients without any dangerous side effects. Let us provide you with the remedy, all you add is your healing touch.

Sounds good to me!

We were sent the All Natural Baby Chest Rub to try out.  How shall I put this…I was hoping we wouldn’t have the opportunity to review this product this winter.  Heh.  I used it tonight (the third night in a row) to soothe the Bean to sleep.  This healthy alternative to Vick’s contains no menthol, no petroleum, no drugs. It has a lovely lavender and chamomile fragrance.  And I feel like it just soothes her to sleep when I rub it on her chest and back–almost like a massage oil.

I bought the Matys All Natural Cough Syrup (for children ages 1 and older) with buckwheat honey for the Bean to try.  First and foremost–she loves the flavor.  I tasted it.  It’s like apple pie on a spoon.  My mother has often touted buckwheat honey as a natural cough remedy.  It is not a miracle cure, but I do feel like it calms her.  She’s sleeping right now, having taken a dose right before bed, and I’ve only heard her cough once since I started writing this post.  Buckwheat honey is anti-oxidant rich, effective as a boost to respiratory function, and helpful for promoting a good night’s sleep.  For Mama and kiddo.

All natural delicious and safe cold remedies.  That’s something Mama’s and Baby’s definitely gotta have.


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