A Glowing Review for the Global Glowball

When the box with the B. Toys logo arrived at our front step the other day, the boys and I were elated.  We have a ton of B. Toys (B. Wheeee-ls, B. Zany Zoo, B. Doctor to name a few), and they never fail to entertain us.  Well, B. Toys has done it again (and this one just might be our favorite of all time).

The Global Glowball is a globe, it’s a nightlight, it’s a music player, and it’s a ball.  Each of the continents can be pushed to play music, or you can use the compass-dial to select music, music and lights, or just lights.  If you want to use the Global Glowball as a nightlight, then select lights and it will rotate through all of the continents with a subtle, colorful, and beautiful glow.  Or, you can select music and lights to receive a 20-minute musical tour of the world as colorful lights glow on and off to the tempos! As usual, B. Toys has thought of everything.  There is a volume control, and the “B” can be pushed to stop the music and lights at any time (they suggest global freeze tag…not a bad idea)!


Designed for kids ages 8 months and up, the Global Glowball even comes with a little booklet that describes each of the songs that are played.  Perhaps, we could suspend our own notions about each continent, and allow our children to enjoy the cultural differences of others.  Perhaps, we could enjoy a little “African Sunshine” or “Banjo Matilda.”  My kids love the “Music from the Ice” that plays from Antartica!  They are excited to hear the penguins, wind, and ocean sounds.  The Global Glowball has even been known to take up residence at our dinner table to give us “mood music.”


CW and MD are still fighting over who gets to play with the Global Glowball (maybe I should order another).  CW (nearly 5) asks probing questions about each of the continents, the types of music, and what the terrain is like.  MD (nearly 2), on the other hand, loves to make the music start and stop, dance to the beats, and roll the globe around.  Luckily, it is made with just that kind of play in mind (it is both sturdy and fun)!


And, for the parents, you can be satisfied that you have bought a B. Toy which represents the world accurately, and is also made with the world in mind.  All B. Toys are packaged in 100% recyclable/reusable materials!  So, you can save the planet while you play!


Buy one.  Or two.  It is a learning tool disguised as a fun ball!  Your kids will love it, and so will you!

photo10 150x150 Nine Naturals: Pampering for Pregnancy and BeyondKristin is a former high school English teacher and show choir geek enjoying time as a stay-at-home mom to CW and little brother MD.

Thanks to B. Toys for sending Kristin and her boys the Global Glowball  to review.  As always, all opinions are Kristin’s alone and weren’t influenced by anyone.

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