Mama Wants Outdoor Gear – The Showers Pass Biking Jacket

I like flowers.  I like candy.  I like nice dinners and jewelry and all that.

But this year, I want gear for Mother’s Day.  Lately I’ve become something of a cyclist.  I know! Who would have guessed?  But I loved biking as a kid.  This tomboy was inseparable from her bike from the day I got my first brown Huffy three speed until my kick-ass Peugeot sadly waved goodbye as I drove off to college. And then somehow, I stopped.  No one biked at my school.  I moved to New York in the pre-bike lane years.  During my first few months in the city I witnessed a pretty nasty encounter between a bike messenger and a taxi in Soho.  Years passed…

And then two years ago we took a summer vacation to Cape May and rented bikes.  Cuz that’s what you do at Cape May.  You rent bikes.  And I felt like I was reunited with a long lost friend.  Since then Doc Hubby and I bought ourselves mountain bikes.  We got an awesome Trek trail-a-bike for the Bean on Craig’s List in New Hampshire.  And we are kind of unstoppable.  I still don’t like to ride on the streets, but I think Rails-to-Trails is one of the greatest things to happen to this country ever.  And then a group of terrific Moms at Bean’s preschool invited me to spin with them and I am hooked.  I cannot say how this happened because I pretty much do not like to be pushed physically…ever.  But I go twice a week and pedal very hard to very loud music and sweat a lot and go nowhere.  But it’s fun!

So.  When the lovely folks at Showers Pass wrote to me to ask if I wanted to test out their new Elite 2.1 biking jacket I responded yes within about forty five seconds of receiving their message.

We have purchased some bike gear.  We have camelback water carriers and I got some cool gloves at LL bean.  We bought some padded shorts and I got a really neat skirt.  But I had nothing for cool weather until I got my new jacket and I LOVE IT!  I love it so much I am going to show you this photo of me wearing it yesterday at 5 pm when we went for the first bike-ride of the season and the temperature was about 52, even though I had spent all day working in the yard and I hadn’t showered and I look kind of hideous.  The jacket looks GREAT!  And you’ll note, the black design on the sides makes you look super skinny!

And let me tell you, the Showers Pass Elite 2.1 jacket is absolutely awesome.  Yesterday was cool and crisp with a bit of a wind.  I am always cold.  Always.  I layered the jacket with a fleece and a wicking layer, and I couldn’t have been more comfortable.  I zipped it all the way up to my chin, but the inside of the neck has this incredibly soft micro-chamois lining–delicious.  And you can cinch the collar and the waist even more if you so desire.  The seams are all taped for wind and waterproofness and the sleeves are tapered to your wrist and secure with velcro.  There were no cool breezes getting in at all!  Oh and it’s waterproof.  Which we didn’t need yesterday thank goodness.  But I love it.

So say I had gotten hot on the trip…well the Elite jacket is ready for that too!  It’s got all kinds of vents including those vents under the arms that you can unzip to air out.  And…wait for it…a chest pocket with an audio port for your phone.

This is, no doubt, the coolest jacket I own.  In a way, this jacket has thrown down.  It’s challenging me from over there on the hook –urging me to get off my butt and get out on the trails.

“Wendy,” It says.  “Can you possibly be as cool a cyclist as I am a jacket?”

Yes Elite 2.1…I am up to the challenge.  And oh yeah, if you want to get one for Daddy for Father’s Day the mens version is pretty hot too.  I think Doc Hubby would look darned good in one.

A Mother’s Day gift that challenges you to be as cool as it is?  That’s something this cycling-Mama’s definitely gotta have.

Thanks to Showers Pass for sending me Elite 2.1 Jacket for review.  As always, all opinions are strictly my own and sure as heck weren’t influenced by anyone.  Babies Gotta Have It is an Amazon affiliate.


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    Matt said,

    April 15, 2013 @ 1:08 pm

    I really need to get some more cycling gear. I invested a big chunk of money into a road bike last year and just bought clipless pedals this year. I really need some rain gear. At least three of the rides I did last year were in the rain. :( I’m a fair weather rider, so I prefer not to be out in poor conditions, but some rain gear would be very helpful!

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