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That Baby DVD

So if you read or watch this vlog, you know I’m into music for babies. I can’t say for sure that “The Mozart Effect” will turn your kid into Einstein, but it’s a heck of a lot easier to pop in a really good CD than it is to give your ten-month-old flash cards. And frankly, it’s much more enjoyable.

As I said in my first vlog post about music If Music Be The Food of Love…Rock On music for babies is supposed to be complex, involving many instruments and/or a clear melody and harmonies. It should also be rhythmic without being overwhelming (might want to save the AC/DC for her sweet sixteen), and well structured. The songs on That Baby CD and DVD are all that and more.

Thanks to Rob at OyBaby, my baby girl and I have been listening to and watching That Baby CD and DVD all morning, and I gotta say, I’m loving them. Here are eight reasons why:

  1. The music is awesome. This is one cd that you won’t pop out of the car stereo even if you’re driving without your baby. The songs are kid-friendly covers of music by Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant, The Beatles, The Pretenders, and more. If you’re over 30, you probably know most of them. If you don’t, you should. I especially love “Happiness Runs”, “Pony Boy”, and “St. Judy’s Comet.” (Two of which, in all honesty, are new songs to me) Listen to samples here.
  2. The music is kid-friendly, kid-themed, kid-appropriate but not about meatballs, funny hats, elephants, or fruit. These are grown-up songs for kids.
  3. My baby loves the DVD. No joke. And she’s a bit of a DVD snob, actually. Not a big fan of lots of them. But she was rapt from the get-go and watched attentively for quite a while before returning to her toys. She’s ten months old. Granted she’s a genius so take that into consideration. But she really did enjoy it.
  4. The videos themselves. Again, “Happiness Runs.” So beautiful. The whole DVD is a combination of animation and live action film, and the animation is really varied in style and content. The video for each song is designed to tell a simple story, really. “Sunday Sun” by Neil Diamond becomes a story of a day in the park with your family. “When We Grow Up” (Yup, the one from “Free to Be You and Me”) is about going to work with Mommy and Daddy. “Inch by Inch” by Peter, Paul and Mary is all about gardening. You can see samples of the videos here.
  5. OyBaby, makers of That Baby CD and DVD, is a parent-run company.
  6. That Baby CD and DVD are manufactured in the good old U.S. of A. using recyclable materials.
  7. They have a “no questions asked” return policy and offer free replacement of discs that get scratched, fingerprinted, or smeared with peanut butter.
  8. The CD actually looks like a little record. Way cool.

The DVD is designed for kids ages 0 – 5 and runs 35 minutes. The CD is great for all ages and runs 42 minutes. Put both together and you have a kickin’ and crazy-unique shower or baby gift.

Baby’s Bottom Line: That Baby CD and DVD totally rock. Need I say more?

Special Offer for Babies Gotta Have It Readers! Use promotional code “gottahaveit” when you buy That Baby CD or DVD and get 20% off your purchase. No kidding, 20%! Did I mention that Rob rocks too? He totally does. Thanks to Rob and everyone at Oybaby!


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    Rob Wolf said,

    July 1, 2008 @ 6:31 pm

    Thanks, BGHI! It’s a labor of love for my wife and I, and we’re glad it’s a hit in your home.

    Rob Wolf
    Creator of That Baby DVD

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