In Honor of Mother Earth – Green Baby Products I Use Every Day

It’s April!  Happy Spring!  Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, here’s a list of the green baby products I use every day.  And when I say every day, I pretty much mean every day.  There are lots of natural and organic baby products you’ll use every once and a while.  These?   Daily. Check these out!

Bambu Spoon and ForkOrganic Bamboo Kid’s Fork and SpoonI’m starting to get a little creeped out by plastic.  Much of it appears to have nasty stuff in it that, over time, leaches out.  Ick. And though there are lots of BPA free spoons out there, these days I’m liking using a natural product for my little bean.  And how green is this company? Bambu products are made from Certified Organic bamboo that is sustainably harvested and free from pesticides or fertilizers.  Why choose bamboo? As one of the Earth’s fastest-growing plants it’s a remarkable renewable resource with an incredible growth cycle of three to five years.  I literally use these every day.  The spoon is a nice size for feeding toddlers. My babe loves eating from a fork like a big girl. They aren’t dishwasher safe but they wash up in five seconds.  Love them.

Baby Bottom MistI reviewed the Miessence Organic Baby Bottom Mist a few months ago and I’m still loving it. I spray it on my eco baby’s sweet bottom every single day. It is Certified Organic, it comes in recyclable non-leaching plastic, and it works beautifully.  Why choose organic baby skin and hair care products?  No nasty chemicals contacting  your sweet baby’s skin and no nasty chemicals used in manufacturing ending up in the soil or the air or the grass under your sweet baby’s feet.

The Safe Sippy

The Safe Sippy Okay it’s not cheap. I’ll say that right now. But I really dig this sippy cup. You gotta love the way it looks. It’s awesome. Oh yeah, green can be super sleek and cool. But more than that, I love that this safe sippy cup is made from non-leaching stainless steel, and all the plastic parts are certified free of free of Bisphenol A, phthalates and DEHA. Bye Bye BPA. I can’t say for sure that the process to make stainless steel is any less damaging to the Earth than the process to make plastic.  But, oh yeah, plastic is made from oil. So there’s that too…

Svan High Chair

I’m sure my definition of “green” could be seriously challenged by someone.  But in my eyes, if a product is made from a natural substance (bent birchwood in this case), through an environmentally friendly process, and if all materials used in the making of the product meet federal regulations and are not harmful to my child, then I feel good about buying it. The Svan High Chair meets these criteria.  To top it off, the plastic play tray is Phthalate-free and the optional cushion (which we bought in sage green) is PBDE-free.  I love it.  Also, the  Europeans argue that their products are made to such high standards of quality that they can be used over and over for many years.  My baby can use this chair as a high chair and later a booster chair until she’s 8.  Then, theoretically this quality chair will still be good enough to pass along to someone else who needs it, reducing waste.  Look for one on Craig’s List. In my eyes, buying quality products that will last for years, is a green choice.   And I feel good about that.

Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent My skin is crazy sensitive.  My baby? Remains to be seen. But I think this detergent has helped, I really do.  Think of all that gray water that goes down our drains and back into the ocean.  I don’t want all kinds of nasty stuff in it, do you?  This product is (deep breath): biodegradable, safe for septic and greywater systems, phosphate free, hypo-allergenic,  non-toxic, not tested on animals, and perfectly effective.  Worried about the extra cost of these organic household goods?  Go to, register to become part of the Seventh Generation Nation, and print valuable coupons right from the site! In fact lots of these green companies offer coupons online!  Go to Earths Best, Mrs. Meyers, and Horizon Organic online for money-saving offers and coupons!

Now that’s saving some green!


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    Catherine @ Evolving Mommy said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 11:43 pm

    I love Bambu. My daughter uses the same utensils as your daughter and I love their cooking utensils for me! Oh, and the Safe Sippy rocks!

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