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It’s April!  It’s Earth Day!  And everyone’s going ga-ga for green.  So you’ve got a new baby on the way or one who is very lightly sleeping while you’re typing with one hand and trying to snap your nursing bra shut with the other…and you want to slather her in green.  But the prices of some of those absolutely exquisite green items at those absolutely delicious green boutiques are sometimes enough to make you green around the gills. BPA-Free bottles, organic mushed apples, dye-free wipes, bamboo hooded towels…your friends and family were generous when the baby was born, but this stuff starts to add up.

So does living green have to be crazy expensive?  No!  And here’s proof!  I went scouring the internet (okay I browsed Etsy) for great green independent craftspeople who are making amazing Earth-friendly products using amazing Earth-friendly processes every day!  Here are just a few of their lovely items.  And bear in  mind, Etsy items are often one of a kind so if a product link doesn’t work, check out the Etsy seller’s store which I’ll also link to in each listing!

Peanut Tree Organic Cotton Bottle Covers

Using glass bottles?  Afraid of what will happen when you drop them on the ceramic tile floor during your 2 am feeding haze?  Organic Cotton Bottle Covers from Peanut Tree Designs are maybe not a must-have, but they are a really nice little bit of luxury and security for you and your baby.  Starting at $9 for a pair, they are also great for catching wayward drips and keeping baby’s sweet organic cotton onesie clean and dry for another hour anyway. Pair a set of these with some glass bottles for a really thoughtful baby shower gift.

Organic Cotton Burp Cloths from SewnNatural

SewnNatural is another Canadian-based Etsy shop full of gorgeous hand-crafted, green, and upcycled things for baby.  At $15 for two, these Organic Cotton Burp Cloths are a really nice price for a gorgeous item.  If you check out this Etsy shop, be sure to look at her organic fall-winter sleepsacks. For $39 they are on par with some and cheaper than many online boutiques.

Organic Cotton Rattle by LocoMOmomma

“Handmade. Eco Friendly. Baby Safe.” That’s LocoMOmomma’s motto.  For seven dollars you can buy this gorgeous Organic Cotton Rattle, crocheted with 100% organic cotton yarn and stuffed with natural wool. Pair it with the matching baby toy ball for a lovely shower gift that will run you only $12.75.  That’s the kind of green Mama loves.

Organic Bamboo Onesies from BambooCouture

Organic baby clothing costs a fortune in the stores.  Bamboo Couture, an L.A. based Etsy seller, offers Organic Bamboo Onesies for nine bucks and Organic Bamboo Sleepers/Playsuits for sixteen bucks. Beat that big box store.

TickiTackiToys Wooden Stacker

TickiTackiToys wooden toddler and baby toys are all handmade in Quakertown, PA by a couple.  He does the woodworking.  She cooks up the dyes in her own kitchen, and does the sanding, staining, and finishing.  The dyes are all natural, and made of beets, blueberries, concord grapes, and molasses.  Each piece is finished with beeswax and flaxseed oil. You may very well lose weight if you gnaw on your baby’s toys. Which you can do with no fear.  The glues are all non-toxic. These rattles, teethers and stackers are gorgeous and unique works of art. And for $26, this All Natural Wooden Stacker will not break the bank.

Organic Bamboo Fleece Baby Blanket from OrganicByNature

This gorgeous Organic Bamboo Fleece Baby Blanket from OrganicByNature’s Etsy shop will run you $35 plus shipping. Seem like a lot? Search “organic bamboo fleece baby blanket” on Google and come back to me.  Yeah, it’s a lovely deal on a lovely blanket which would make an even lovelier baby gift. This Canadian based company is family owned and operated and offers reasonable shipping to the U.S. Check out all of OrganicByNature’s beautiful organic blankets including gorgeous cotton and merino wool items. Luxury you can live with.


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