Best Baby Monitors For Two Rooms 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. VTech RM5762-22. VTech VM350-2 3. Motorola
VTech RM5762-2 Best Baby Monitors For Two RoomVTech VM350-2 5 Video Baby MonitorMotorola Video Baby Monitor

You cannot have eyes on your kids every second. If you have more than two rooms in your home, you have to leave your kids on their own once in a while. For that purpose, you need the best baby monitor for two rooms.

Baby monitors have emerged as an innovative accessory for taking care of kids. You can fix these cameras in your rooms, observe the activities of your kids from anywhere, and work with the relief that everything is alright.


Among so many varieties and models available in the market, choosing the best baby monitor for two rooms might become challenging. To solve your confusion, here is our list of the best baby monitors for you.

After examining all the essential factors and crucial reviews, here is the list of the best baby monitors for you.

Top 29 Best Baby Monitors For Two Rooms 2020

1. VTech RM5762-2 Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

VTech RM5762-2 Best Baby Monitors For Two RoomVTech is a globally leading brand in electronic learning toys and a pioneer in telecommunication products. Their innovative technology has shaped the market of cordless telephony and various other electronic items for children around the world. This Wi-Fi monitor with two cameras is a perfect example of their industry experience and technological finesse.

This five-inch video monitor device comes with two 1080p HD pan and tilt cameras that give you a high definition and crystal clear video experience. The camera has various angles to observe your child’s actions. The MyVTech Baby app (for iOS and Android system) would allow you to keep an eye on your baby from virtually anywhere in real-time.

You can automatically pan the camera up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts up to 113.5 degrees vertically. Plus, it has a 10x zoom feature that would allow you to observe the activities of your little ones easily.

The next feature of the monitor is two-way communication. You can talk and comfort your baby with just your smartphone. The next smart feature of this advanced gadget is infrared night vision that would help you in looking at your child even after dark or at night. Another brilliant property is a built-in temperature sensor that will tell you if your baby is in too hot or cold temperatures. These outstanding features make it the best baby monitor for multiple rooms.

The last notable feature is a set of soothing sounds and lullabies that comes with the video monitor. You can play these soothing melodies and watch your child sleep comfortably.


  • You can pair up to four cameras with it.
  • Easy installation
  • Melodies and lullabies play feature.
  • Easy to use and monitor
  • NIght mode
  • Temperature monitor
  • Five-inch color LCD screen


  • No option to disable the temperature alarm
  • Connectivity issues
  • Battery life issues

2. VTech VM350-2 5″ Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM350-2 5 Video Baby MonitorThe first noteworthy quality of thisVM350-2 baby video monitor is the trust of VTech’s history and advancements in the electronic toy industry. Along with that, several notable features make it one of the most high-rated products on our best dual camera baby monitor list.

The top features of this product are a five-inch LCD screen and up to a thousand feet range of connectivity. You can easily keep an eye on your child with these two brilliant features.

The futuristic device has a two way, talkback communication system where you can comfort your child from anywhere. You can listen to your little one’s laughs or cries with this handy feature and easily monitor the volume levels as well. To make your baby sleep peacefully, you can also play sweet melodies and lullabies with this amazing device.

The next feature is a manually adjustable camera. You can set the two cameras in perfect positions yourself and get the best view for better observance.

Regarding the two cameras, a single button will change the views on your screen.FOr much ease, you can view one or two cameras on the same screen or put it in patrol mode, and it will automatically show you your child’s position.

Last but not least, you get infrared night vision with this advanced camera and a temperature indicator for setting the ideal temperature in your child’s room.


  • Mountable cameras
  • Volume control
  • Full motion videos
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two-way communication
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Affordable


  • Not expandable, i.e., you cannot add another parent device
  • Frequent complaints about battery life

3. Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby MonitorMotorola is a celebrated pioneer in the telecommunication industry. The brand has been shaping the communication sphere since 1928. This dual camera baby monitor has several notable features that set it apart from all the other products on this list.

The first striking feature is two cameras with full room coverage meant to give you an excellent eye on your kid’s activities. Plus, the split-screen feature will help you in looking at both the cameras at the same time.

The next brilliant feature is the remote camera control. You can smoothly pan, zoom, or tilt the camera using the parent unit and have a better view of your child. Plus, the parent unit in this device has a 5” LCD color display and has an infrared night vision feature as well.

A striking feature that sets it apart from the other devices is high sensitivity microphones built to catch even the slightest sound of your baby. So, the second your baby starts crying, you will get an instant notification.

Next, the two-way communication and built-in speakers in the camera will let you comfort your child from a distance. You can speak, sing a lullaby to your babies from the parent device or play the preloaded lullabies, and they would listen to your soothing sound.


  • Two-way communication
  • 1000 ft connectivity
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Remote control camera
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • In-built speakers
  • 5” LCD screen
  • Split-screen view


  • No motion sensor in the camera
  • No option to turn down the lullaby volume
  • Cameras do not have a battery backup option and need to be plugged in all the time.

4. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch Screen

Babysense Video Baby Monitor 3.5 Inch ScreenIf you are looking for an excellent and affordable set of a baby monitor and cameras, then this Babysense video monitor is the most suitable option for you.

The monitor, along with two cameras, offers you a clear vision of your little one in more than one room. The cameras have interchangeable wide-angle lenses that give you a full view of the room. The device used the latest 2.4 GHz FHSS technology for better connectivity and crystal clear vision.

It has intelligent controls, and you can manually pan the cameras up to 360 degrees, 2x digital zoom, and check the inner temperature of your baby’s room. On top of that, infrared night vision will let you know every movement of your kid, even in the dark.

Next, you can sing lullabies to your child through its innovative two-way communication and comfort him instantly. Plus, you can play the soothing preloaded melodies at night to ensure a comfy, tight sleep.

The most appealing feature of this gadget is a 960 ft. connectivity range. It would help you keep an eye on your little one from a distance or outside the house. In addition to that, if you go out of reach, you’ll receive instant notifications.

Apart from all these fantastic features, if you don’t feel happy with all the features, this device has a trouble-free money-back guarantee.


  • Wide-angle lens
  • Affordable
  • 2x zoom and manual pan
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Night vision
  • Almost 1000 foot connectivity
  • Two-way connectivity
  • Preloaded melodies


  • 3.5” screen is smaller than other options
  • Complaints about the charging cord durability
  • Charger problems

5. DBPower Video Baby Monitor

DBPower Video Baby MonitorThis DBPower baby monitor is an ideal concoction of advanced features and a convenient interface.

Among its several smart characteristics, the first one is its easy-to-operate and user-friendly interface. It has a parent unit with a rechargeable battery feature that will let you easily monitor your little ones’ activities.

You can mount the cameras at a perfect point in the room and easily monitor the activities. For added vision, you can remotely rotate it 270° horizontally and 110° vertically. On top of that, a 1000 ft connectivity will let you observe the room from a distance.

Next, you get instant alerts about the room temperature and a two-way communication facility. The nightlight, preloaded lullabies, and sound-activated LED lights make it an exceptionally smart and caring device. Unlike other devices, you can manually set the volume levels of the lullabies in this one.

One highly remarkable feature of this product is its digital video recording function. It can manually as well as automatically record videos of your little ones. Thus, you never miss the memorable moments of your growing up a child and conserve the beautiful memories.

This setup can support more than one baby monitor and can effectively monitor up to 4 cameras at the same time. The baby monitor can split-screen into four parts and can manage four cameras at a time. So if you have a big house with more than 3 or 4 rooms, you can set this up and manage your work time efficiently.


  • Multi-camera view
  • Easy installation
  • Video recording
  • Temperature sensor and other smart features such as two way talk
  • Automatic night vision
  • Remotely pan, zoom, etc.


  • Complaints about the battery drainage
  • Issues regarding instant notifications
  • Less durable

6. VTech VM5463-2 Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM5463-2 Video Baby MonitorWith a high-resolution, five-inch LCD, you get a crystal clear view of your little one with this product. You can observe every movement, every sound of your toddler, and with the two-way connectivity, you will feel assured that you are always with him/her.

This device puts all the camera settings at your fingertips. You can easily pan and tilt (270 degrees vertically and 25 degrees horizontally) or 2x zoom the camera using the parent unit. Thus, you can effectively watch out for every minor movement with perfection.

It’s next “luminous” feature is its lighting. Upon listening to any sound or crying, its auto-on night light feature would turn on three different colors of lights and hence, comfort to your baby. Plus, you can enable an auto-on projection light during nights that will project a starry night onto the ceiling and offer soothing sleep to your baby.

When you are not available for singing lullabies to your kid, this smart device will play beautiful sounds among the five preloaded melodies and four soft sounds.


  • Five-inch LCD
  • Remote control camera
  • Effective lights feature
  • Preloaded melodies
  • 2x zoom
  • Split screen
  • 1000 feet range
  • Value for money


  • No such major cons; just take care of the screen and mount cameras on a suitable point for a better view.

7. LBtech Video Baby Monitor

LBtech Video Baby MonitorIf you’re looking for an economical, reliable, and a high rated baby monitor for your child, then this LBtech set is the one-stop solution for you.

It has a fine blend of solid features as well as remarkable affordability. Its first feature is a 4.3” LCD screen that would help you observe your kid in real-time and without any delay in transmission. Plus, is it an easy-to-operate device that just needs to get plugged in, and it would start working without any Wi-Fi or internet connectivity.

Next, it has an expandable camera compatibility option, and you can add up to four cameras with a single baby monitor. Hence, if you have several rooms in your home, you still won’t need to add another setup or device. This one will solely cover all the rooms and locations of your house.

You get infrared night-vision and temperature detection features for taking extra care of your baby. You can manually rotate the baby unit up to 360 degrees and tilt or pan according to your need.

The parent unit gives you a lot of remote control features. You can 2x zoom the camera using the parent unit for getting the exact details of your baby.

Plus, it has a battery-saving mode that will turn on after detecting any sound from the baby unit. Unlike other baby monitors, it has a rechargeable battery with an eight-hour backup.

Apart from all these features, you get a 90-days return warranty and a 365-days quality guarantee along with a life-time tech support from LBtech!


  • Digital zoom
  • Manual pan and tilt
  • Eight-hour battery backup
  • Nightvision, thermal detection
  • Expandable-cameras feature
  • Guaranty, warranty, and lifetime tech support


  • Bright power lights on camera that might distract your child
  • Cannot turn off the screen unless you’re using the VOX setting

8. Vava Baby Monitor

Vava Baby MonitorVava baby monitor is one of the most premium and high-quality devices on this list of the best dual baby monitor. If you seek advanced technology and top quality products for your little ones, this is your product.

It has a 5” 720p IPS display that gives you every minute detail of activities with unparalleled clarity. Plus, you can remotely observe two rooms or two of your babies simultaneously using the split-screen feature. You can also add two other cameras and expand the overall value to four smart eyes on your babies.

This smart device automatically switches voices between the two screens and notifies you if your baby is crying or not. Next, two-way communication will allow you to calm your baby from another room and assure him that you are always there for him. You’ll also receive notifications about setting the thermostat with its temperature detection feature.

The infrared night vision is a handy feature that will alert you whenever your baby starts crying at night and otherwise, give a comfy sleep to you and your child.

Another smart option in this device is a 2x/4x zoom and panoramic scan that will provide you clear images of your baby’s mouth, face, close-ups, and overall condition of the room.

Hence, provide extra care and safety. And last, it has a 4500 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts long and gives you full assurance of your baby’s well-being.


  • 2x/4x zoom
  • Panoramic view
  • 5-inch screen
  • Expandable up to four cameras
  • Long battery life
  • 900 ft connectivity
  • Temperature sensor
  • 18-month warranty
  • Instant notifications for your baby’s crying or coughing


  • There are no such cons in this product.

9. Babysense Baby Monitor With 4.3” Split Screen and Two Cameras

Babysense Baby Monitor With 4.3 Split Screen and Two CamerasIf you’re looking for a smart assistant that watches your kids round the clock and takes care of your kids, then Babysense has an ideal product for you.

Its high-quality display offers you clear visibility and a fantastic split-screen feature that will let you closely observe every activity of your little ones. With a 4.3 inches monitor, you get two cameras with easy pan, tilt, and zoom features. This device uses an advanced 2.4GHz FHSS technology stable and undisrupted connectivity with excellent sound and vision.

Next, it has a flawless two-way talking system where you can listen to your baby’s sounds, cries, or cough and sing him/her a melodious lullaby or comfort him with your voice. Plus, the preloaded melodies would always make sure that your baby gets a sound sleep.

Another quality point is its 960 ft. connectivity that will allow you to keep an eye on your little ones from a distance. Plus, you’ll get warning notifications if you go further than the allowed distance.

Apart from these features, you get infrared night vision, temperature detection, remote control pan, tilt, or 2x zoom kind of advanced features. Thus, you will have all the information about your kid’s room even after not being physically there all the time.

And one last customer-friendly feature is a 90 days money-back guarantee and one year warranty with this product. So in case you don’t find it suitable, you will get helpful customer support from the manufacturer.

These features make it a highly recommended product on our list of the best baby monitors for two rooms.


  • Easy installation
  • Nice video quality
  • Efficient split-screen feature
  • Great sound quality
  • Clear night vision


  • There are no such cons; just the cameras do not have a chargeable battery and need power.

10. Victure 2pcs 1080P Video Baby Monitor

Victure 2pcs 1080P Video Baby MonitorSuppose you are not interested in investing a considerable sum in a baby monitor and looking for an incredible yet economical set of dual camera baby monitors. In that case, this Victure baby monitor is your one-stop solution.

Along with its pocket-friendly price range, this product has some highly valuable features and surprisingly high user ratings and reviews. The first feature is smart motion detection.

Whenever your baby makes a move, this camera will detect the motion and send notifications to your mobile. Plus, it will start storing the motion videos in cloud or SD card storage.

Next, it has an expandable memory up to 64 Gb and a cloud storage service. Hence, you can store the precious moments of your baby’s growth and cherish them forever.

This smart assistant has an in-built 48dB microphone, a speaker, and some amazing anti-noise features. You can communicate with your baby using the two-sided conversion feature and quickly calm your little one if she is crying with your voice.

The cameras are equipped with a 120-degree wide-angle lens, 1920x1080p clarity, and eight invisible infrared LEDs. These advanced features will give you a grain-less picture quality even in the night vision mode, and you’ll be able to watch your kid even in the dark.

And here comes the last, but the most special and unique feature of this gadget. It is – Unlimited sharing. You just have to share your account with your family, and your whole family, friends, or anyone with your account can see your kids via the IPC360 app. Thus, everyone, including grandparents or relatives, can enjoy the beautiful moments of your growing-up children.

Note: The cloud storage is free for the first month only, and additional charges might be applied later.


  • Unlimited sharing
  • Great night vision
  • Cloud and SD card storage
  • Motion detector
  • Excellent sound quality with no distortions
  • You can use it for pets, and the motion detector would tell you about your pet’s movements.


  • No split-screen feature
  • No batteries, just power connection
  • Uses Wi-Fi for working, problems with cellular data

11. Jousecu Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

Jousecu Video Baby Monitor with 2 CamerasJousecu baby monitor is an easy-to-operate device that just needs to get plugged in, and you can play the video. It’s a simple plug, and play features need no app settings, no internet connection. Just set up the device and watch your babies on the monitor.

It has a split-screen feature that allows you to watch both the cameras at the same time. You can manually switch and listen to the audios from any of the cameras.

Next, its temperature detector will notify you if you need to change the thermostat settings and offer a comfortable room temperature to your little one. Plus, it has a sound detection mechanism that will wake up your screen and instantly alert you if your baby is crying. You can put your monitor on VOX mode at night and sleep with relief.

On top of that, five built-in lullabies will comfort your baby and offer him a sound sleep. The rechargeable 1440 mAh battery would last all night long and last up to 8 hours after full charging.

An incredible feature of this device is its data and privacy protection technology. This monitor has a 2.4 GHz signal source and uses FHSS transmission to protect the privacy and secure all the information captured by the cameras. Plus, it has a 300-500 foot connectivity indoors and about 1000 foot outdoors.

Apart from all these exclusive features, this innovative product has several small but smart functions. Some examples are – screen brightness adjustment, automatic night vision, two-way communication, digital zoom, etc. Plus, you get a lifetime of technical support and 365 days of quality assurance with this product.


  • Acute temperature detection
  • User friendly
  • Excellent split screen
  • Easy replacement
  • Economical
  • One year warranty
  • Reliable customer service


  • Complaints about battery life
  • No pan option
  • Connectivity range issues

12. Babysense V65 Video Baby Monitor

Babysense V65 Video Baby MonitorThis product has made its place on the best baby monitors for two rooms list because of its long list of outstanding features and top-rated customer reviews.

The first feature that sets it apart from the rest of the monitors is its hack-free technology. An enhanced 2.4 GHz FHSS technology protects it from hacking and ensures the safety of your valuable information and privacy. It does not need Wi-Fi connectivity that is prone to hacking.

Next, it has a five-inch, high-definition (720p) display that plays vibrant videos of your child’s movements and activities. Plus, you can remotely control its video functions such as pan (350°), tilt (70°), and 2x zoom feature. On top of that, it works efficiently in a 960-foot range.

This device comes with two cameras, and you can expand the number of cameras up to 4; thus, get a full view of your home and look at your kids with ease. To calm your baby from virtually anywhere in your home, you can use the two-way talking feature and talk to your baby.

Apart from that, it has a reliable night vision mode for extra care of your baby at night. Its power saver mode saves battery life and automatically awakens the screen after listening to any small sound of your toddler. It has flawless connectivity that provides you real-time video transmission from the baby units.


  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Nice connectivity range
  • Adequate night vision
  • Night mode, sleep mode, etc.
  • Efficient remote control – pan, tilt, etc.
  • Value for money


  • Low battery life; requires frequent charging
  • Reliability is somewhat low.
  • Low volume on the parent unit
  • No split-screen feature

13. Moonybaby Split 55 Video Baby Monitor 2 Cameras

Moonybaby Split 55 Video Baby Monitor 2 CamerasWhen you buy a baby monitor, you look for two main advantages. The first one is the well-being and security of your baby, and the other one is your peace of mind. This Moonbbay monitor fulfills both the demands with optimum efficiency.

It has a split-screen feature that divides the screen into two halves and provides you real-time video footage of both cameras. You can choose a sound from any of the two screens where your baby is currently present. If you have two babies in separate rooms, you can easily watch both of them at the same time.

This device puts all the control at your fingertips. You can pan, tilt, or zoom the camera from anywhere in your home and have a clearer and better look at your little one.

The next noteworthy feature of this monitor is its secure and hacking-free connectivity. It does not use any Wi-Fi or Data connectivity and protects your valuable data from highly undesirable hacking. This device functions on a 2.4 GHz interference-free signal mechanism and protects your privacy.

Besides that, this device has a two-way talking option where you can soothe your baby with your voice. You can use the innovative Scan Mode and keep an eye on your baby. Plus, a night vision, long battery life, temperature detector, and built-in lullabies are some additional features you get with this product.


  • Colorful night light
  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Easy installation (Plug and play)
  • Remote control PTZ
  • Healthy customer support


  • VOX feature stays on (the screen sleeps after inactivity)
  • No buttons for volume
  • No buttons for wake/sleep mode

14. VTech VM3261-2 2.8” Digital Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM3261-2 2.8” Digital Video Baby MonitorVTech VM3261-2 is a low-budget and efficient device that has lots of innovative features. If you are looking for a low-investment option, then you can go with this product.

It has a high resolution, 2.8 inches color LCD screen that will allow you to have a clear view of your child’s movements.

With a compact design and look, this product does not compromise with any smart feature. It has a temperature detector, an automatic infrared night vision, a two-way talk option, and in-built lullabies.

Along with that, there is an outstanding 1000 foot connectivity range that would allow you to keep an eye on your little one from a great distance. Plus, its privacy control feature protects all your sensitive information from intrusion.

Next, it has sound-activation and power-saving modes that would awake on the screen if your baby starts crying at any time. Unlike many video monitors that play lullabies at unwanted high-volume, it has an easy volume control feature as well.

As already mentioned, in such a low-price range, it offers all the high-quality facilities to you.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly affordable
  • Night vision
  • Temperature detection
  • Nice picture quality
  • Remote control pan and zoom
  • Dual camera support
  • Great Sound detection


  • Battery life is comparatively low
  • No option to mute the audio
  • Cannot expand the number of cameras
  • Zoom quality is not excellent.

15. Axvue Video Baby Monitor

Axvue Video Baby MonitorAxvue is a globally leading brand that specializes in baby safety products and delivers top quality baby monitors. With an experience of more than a decade, the brand has established itself as one of the first choices in baby monitors.

This E612 baby monitor is a brilliant device specifically designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your baby.

It has 4.3 inches TFT-LCD color display, which comes with the lowest latency technology. It will show you real-time footage of your baby and certainly, offer you peace of mind.

It comes with two cameras, and the screen would automatically switch between both the cameras after every five seconds. You can also expand the camera to a total of four and have superb surveillance of the entire home.

The device performs on a high-speed digital wireless technology and gives you videos with a high frame rate. Along with that, it has all the essential features such as temperature detection, both ways communication, automatic night vision, 2x zoom, power-saving mode, and a mountable setup.

All these factors make it a top choice on the list of the best baby monitor for multiple rooms.


  • Great image quality
  • Efficient two-way talking feature
  • Value for money
  • Easily mountable
  • Long battery life
  • Automatic switch between cameras
  • Reliable sound detection


  • Small hissing sound or noise while it gets on.
  • The length of the power cord is a bit less.
  • The interface lacks premium smoothness.

16. Summer Lookout Duo 5” LCD Video Baby Monitor (2 Cameras)

Summer Lookout Duo 5” LCD Video Baby Monitor (2 Cameras)Summer Lookout Duo is one of the most popular baby monitors online. The reason behind this is its exceptional features and economical range.

The set comes with a 5” LCD screen and two cameras. The cameras come with a fantastic no-hole PrestoMount facility, and you can easily mount or remove them whenever you wish to.

You can mount them on a wall, dresser or take them with you for a trip.

The baby monitor has all the essential features such as automatic night vision, digital zoom, two-way talk, and temperature detection. On top of that, this set has a digital privacy feature
that would protect your valuable information.

You can also add two more cameras, i.e., a total of four cameras for added security and well-being of your loved ones.


  • Real-time video with no latency
  • Nice picture quality
  • You can tilt them manually
  • Expandable up to four cameras
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Easy installation and mounting feature


  • No split-screen feature
  • No automatic pan or tilt

Take care while mounting the camera and follow the given instructions on the manual; otherwise, they would fall down.


17. Vmai Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Vmai Video Baby Monitor with Two CamerasVMAI is another popular and trustworthy brand in the baby monitor category. This product from VMAI has lots of positive reviews and is reasonably affordable as well.

The monitor has a 4.3” LCD that will tell you everything about your unattended baby round the clock. Whether it is day or night, you’ll be able to keep a constant eye on your baby. Its auto-switch infrared night vision mode will show you exact details even in the dark.

There is a long list of remarkable features that come with this product. It gives you 2x zoom, motion, and temperature detectors that will show instant notifications. Plus, it has a highly sensitive sound detection and audio feature for a convenient two-way talking system.

Apart from that, this device has an excellent connectivity range up to 1000 feet in the open. It uses a stable 2.4GHZ wireless transmission system and gives you flawless and uninterrupted sound and video quality.

It has an expandable camera feature that allows you to add two more cameras to the set. The last remarkable feature is that VMAI offers you a lifetime warranty, and you can contact the manufacturer for any problem with the device or any related query. They will reply to you within their promised 24 hours time period.


  • Decent picture quality
  • Power saving mode
  • Easy installation
  • Great sound detection
  • Excellent battery life
  • Expandable cameras


  • Does not pan
  • Connectivity issues

18. Battlewhale Baby Monitor With Two Cameras

Battlewhale Baby Monitor With Two CamerasIf you frequently travel with your baby and you’re looking for a portable baby assistant, then this Battlewhale monitor is your one-stop solution.

In this set, you get a 5” HQ LCD color display along with two portable pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. If you are going for a vacation or some party, you can easily take care of your baby or pet with this pack. The split-screen feature will allow you to notice both the camera videos at the same time.

The cameras have an automatically-switching, high-quality night vision mode that will allow you a clear picture even at night.

As an innovative product, this monitor allows you to control the camera features, i.e., the viewing angle, pan, tilt, or 2x zoom, from anywhere within the connectivity range. If you have more than two rooms in your home, you can add two more cameras to the set.

Along with that, a motion detector and ECO mode in the cameras would alert you if your baby makes a move or makes any noise. It will instantly notify you and wake up your parent unit’s screen.

At last, there is a two-way communication facility along with a temperature monitor. It uses wireless transmission technology and has a 1000 ft connectivity.


  • Split screen
  • 2x zoom
  • Portable cameras
  • Remote control features
  • Decent picture quality
  • Automatic switch to night mode
  • Noise detection


  • Night vision picture quality is a bit low.
  • Connectivity issues
  • The interface is somewhat difficult to operate.
  • The built of the cameras is not highly sturdy.

19. Axvue Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Axvue Video Baby Monitor with Two CamerasJust like your little one, the single word that also describes this monitor is- cute. Along with a super adorable look, this compact device has a lot of brilliant features.

It uses a digital 2.4 GHz technology to operate and transfer data at a super high speed. Hence, you get the real-time video without any latency.

Next, it has a smart 2.8” TFT-LCD display for easy monitoring along with a dual way communication feature where you can see your child and soothe him with your voice from anywhere. The user-friendly interface has shortcut keys for a hassle-free operation.

It does not use any Wi-fi or APP connectivity and ensures a safe and protected environment. Besides that, it has expandability up to four cameras, a temperature monitor, VOX mode for sound detection, and power-saving mode.


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Auto switch from one camera to another
  • Temperature detection
  • Highly affordable
  • Value for money


  • Connectivity issues
  • Some users might find the design a bit childish or inexpensive.
  • Durability is low

20. Moobybaby Value 100 Video Baby Monitor

Moobybaby Value 100 Video Baby MonitorThis is another inexpensive baby monitor on the list with lots of valuable features and an easy to operate interface.

First of all, it doesn’t need any Wi-Fi or internet connectivity and works on 2.4 GHz FHSS technology that ensures 100% privacy. If your baby moves from one room to another, its auto-scan motion sensor will automatically switch the screen to the other camera.

Along with that, it has all the essential features that you seek in a baby monitor. Some examples include – a two-way talk feature, automatic night vision, rechargeable batteries, and a long-range transmission.


  • Plug and play feature
  • Automatic screen switching from one camera to another
  • Talkback feature
  • Decent image quality
  • Highly economic


  • No remote control pan
  • The interface has fewer shortcuts.
  • One volume button for both the cameras
  • Small screen size

21. Motorola MBP36S-2 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36S-2 Video Baby MonitorThis is Motorola’s other baby monitor on the list that has decent features and is less expensive than the other ones.

The features include a 3.5” LCD color display, which has a brilliant split-screen feature, and you can easily watch two or four cameras simultaneously. You can soothe and sing to your baby using the two-way talking option.

Along with that, you can remotely PTZ (pan, tilt, or zoom) the wireless camera using your parent unit. It will give you every minute detail of your baby. An outstanding feature of these cameras is that they are portable. You can carry them with you and efficiently monitor your kids’ activities.

The pre-loaded melodies will take care of your baby’s sleep and make him sleep tight.


  • Temperature detection
  • Timer for lullabies
  • In-built melodies
  • Split screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Nice zoom


  • Delayed remote control pan/tilt
  • Lagging and latency in video transmission
  • Poor sound quality
  • Battery life is a bit low.

22. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby MonitorIf you do not want to pay a fortune for a baby monitor, this Babysense baby monitor is a suitable and reliable option for you. This small looking camera setup has a whole list of incredible features.

It has two portable cameras that can monitor two of your rooms at the same time, and a single press of an OK button will switch the monitor screen from one camera to another. The 2.4” HQ screen uses 2.4 GHz FHSS technology for disturbance-free transmission and protection of your privacy.

It has a two-way intercom feature, and you can listen to your kid’s voice or cry and can sing/soothe him with your voice. Plus, its outstanding 900-foot connectivity range would allow you to communicate even from a distance.

Next, it has auto infrared night vision, temperature detector, ECO mode for voice activation, and a handy alarm feature. You can remotely zoom the screen for more clarity and can expand the number to four for extra security around the home.

You can also manually pan or tilt the camera to get a better view as well as mount these cameras.


  • Nice video quality
  • Lights to display the noise level in the camera
  • Night vision
  • Easy switch between different cameras
  • Great customer service


  • Not wide-angle cameras
  • Connectivity issues
  • Unwanted beeping sound while connecting
  • Durability issues

23. JLB7tech Video Baby Monitor

JLB7tech Video Baby MonitorThe most incredible feature of this product, along with technological expertise, is a super adorable look. Your little ones are going to love this camera for its looks.

The cute looking baby cameras do not fall behind in terms of features. It has a 4.3” LCD screen that comes with a promise of 100% protection of your privacy. It does not use Wi-Fi or the Internet. It is easy to operate and just needs to get plugged in for running. Plus, you can also expand the cameras to four.

Besides that, it has a two-way talking feature, an automatic night vision feature, and a powerful 2x zoom. The voice activation and the power saver mode saves batteries and wakes the screen whenever your baby makes a noise or sound.

All these excellent features make it one of the best baby monitors for two rooms.


  • Green antlers to give an adorable look
  • Privacy protection
  • Great connectivity
  • Helpful customer service
  • Clear picture quality
  • Auto-scan mode
  • Mountable


  • Cannot play lullabies
  • Not wide-angle lens
  • Durability issues after a while

24. Motorola MBP845Connect Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP845Connect Video Baby MonitorThis Motorola baby monitor comes with a 5” screen with a split-screen viewing feature for observing two rooms at once. It has a combination of Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless transmission. Hence, you can watch your babies or talk to them at home or outdoors with any compatible smart device using the Hubble app.

It has a whole list of useful features such as digital zoom, infrared night vision, 1000 foot connectivity, five preloaded lullabies, and a room temperature detector.

Plus, it has an expandable camera feature that allows you to add two more compatible cameras to it.

It is a high-budget device, and if you are willing to get a premium product for your loved one, this is a nice option.


  • Big monitor screen
  • Automatic night vision
  • Decent image quality
  • Great battery life
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Room temperature display


  • A bit overpriced for its features and durability
  • Highly unwanted loud noise after losing connectivity
  • Connection loss at times
  • Poor audio detection

25. VTech VM5261-2 5” Digital Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM5261-2 5” Digital Video Baby MonitorThis is another smart device by VTech, and it has got all the mandatory features that you look for in a baby monitor.

It has a high resolution, 5” LCD screen, along with preloaded melodies and white noise sounds that will offer a sweet sleep to your little one and a sigh of relief to you.

The cameras have a 170-degree wide-angle lens that gives the maximum view of the room to you. Plus, you can remotely control the PTZ of the baby unit and have a better vision of your kid.

Along with these features, it has a vibrating sound alert on the parent unit. So, if you fall asleep and your baby starts crying, you’ll receive instant notifications.

Unlike many other products, it has an easy volume control that can optimize the volume of the speaker of the baby unit.


  • Clear pictures
  • Supportive customer service
  • Nice sound quality
  • No unwanted light like many cameras
  • Nice intercom feature
  • Big screen


  • Night vision is not too reliable
  • Slow panning and tilting
  • Low durability
  • Not portable

26. Moonybaby Trust 30 Video Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Trust 30 Video Baby MonitorMoonybaby delivers one of the best baby products in the world. This video baby monitor is another handy device from them that has lots of well-engineered features.

This device has expandability of up to four cameras. You can easily toggle between all the cameras and have a brilliant view of all the activities of your kids or pets.

A big relief that comes with this product is that it protects your privacy and valuable information from invaders. Unlike the wifi using monitors, this device uses 2.4 GHz high-quality transmission technology and needs no Wi-Fi or the internet setup.

Next, it’s two-way talking feature allows you to communicate with your child whenever he needs you. You get automatic night vision, a temperature detector, built-in lullabies, and a smart power-saving option with this impressive product.

One last striking feature is its long-lasting battery that might last up to eight hours under power-saving mode and up to six hours after continuous video transmission.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy PTZ (Pan/tilt/zoom)
  • In-builts songs
  • Adjustable brightness of the screen
  • Efficient temperature alert
  • Excellent connectivity range


  • The screen is a bit bright, even at the lowest settings.
  • Night vision is not utterly smart or clear.
  • The loud beeping sound of controls

27. Axvue Baby Monitor

Axvue Baby MonitorThis baby monitor is another incredible product on our list of the best dual camera baby monitor.

Its first exceptional feature is its fifteen-hour long battery life. Unlike other cameras, it won’t die after a few hours of usage. Along with that, it has a high resolution 4.3” color screen that offers your real-time video with almost zero latency. The screen automatically shifts from one camera view to another after 5 seconds.

The rest of the features are – a two-way talk design, a long connectivity range, high-speed wireless technology, low noise, and high frame rate videos. It has inbuilt room temperature detectors, automatic night vision and power-saving modes, mountable cameras design, and expandability up to four cameras.

It is a fresh product in the market and has comparatively fewer ratings and reviews. So, if you trust Axvue for their products, you can try this one as well.


  • Temperature detection
  • No wifi connectivity
  • Mountable
  • Remote control tilt
  • Comparatively bigger screen than various other products
  • Nice picture quality


  • A natural zoom in the cameras
  • Manufacturing issues

28. LBtech Video Baby Monitor

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom DuoThis baby monitor is another great option if you’re looking for one with handy features and under a moderate budget.

It is a simple plug and play monitor that does not require Wi-Fi, the Internet, or AAP setting. You just have to install it, and it would start operating without any delay in transmission. A 4.3 “ inches screen would take care that you don’t have to squint your eyes for watching your kids.

If you have more rooms or pets in your home, you can add two more cameras to the same monitor. It will give you clear pictures in the dark with its infrared night vision and alert you if your baby is crying or awake.

One exceptional quality of this monitor is its efficient power-saving mode that saves battery drainage to up to 50% and gives extra battery life to your monitor.

Rest, it has a temperature detector that will send you notifications if the temperature isn’t ideal, plus, the two-way talk would allow you to calm your baby and listen to his cries or play all the while you use the monitor.


  • Temperature detection
  • 90-days back warranty, 365 days quality guaranteed
  • Scan and VOX mode
  • Clear pictures
  • Great battery life
  • Easy to operate
  • Great value for money


  • High brightness and unwanted awakening of the screen
  • A bit bulky

29. Summer Baby Pixel Zoom Duo

LBtech Video Baby MonitorIf you’re seeking the highest quality product for your little one that offers unmatched surveillance and has exceptional features, then this is an ideal product for you.

There is a long list of excellent features that come with this baby monitor. Along with a big 5” screen, it has an unprecedented night vision mode. So, even in the dark, you’ll be able to get a clear and high definition image of your baby.

The next innovative feature is a virtual sleep zone boundary. If your kids escape the cribs or leave the rooms at night, this virtual zone feature will send you an alert the moment he crosses the boundary. This feature is helpful if you have an active kid that has learned crawling or walking recently.

The monitor has a temperature and time display on the screen, and you can remotely operate the cameras using the big-screen display. The powerful 6x zoom allows you to have an extra close image of your baby and reveal everything he is eating or holding. You can mount the cameras and get a full view of your room using the parent unit.

It has a connectivity range of about 800 ft, and you can easily talk to your baby using its two-way talk system. The efficient VOX feature will notify you if your baby starts crying at night and automatically wake up the screen.

Additional features include preloaded lullabies and white noise, expandable system, kickstand, sound-activated LEDs, one-touch video on/off, battery indicators, and mounting options.

Overall, if you are unwilling to compromise quality for affordability and looking for the most efficient product, this is your one-stop solution.


  • Great night vision
  • Virtual boundary feature
  • White noise and lullabies
  • Easy to use
  • Amazing sound quality
  • High battery life
  • Great picture quality
  • Highly durable features


  • A highly sensitive sound detector might turn on the screen at small sounds.
  • Bright screen
  • The sensitive virtual boundary might start the alarm.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Best Baby Monitor For Two Room

Baby monitors are one of the most advantageous and valuable investments for taking better care of your kids. They eliminate the stress of continuously watching over your little ones and provide you great comfort in doing your chores.

If you are a new parent or looking for a better monitor for your kids, there are some crucial factors that you must keep in your mind. So, before you invest in a baby camera and monitor, have a look at these important factors.

1. Camera Quality (Baby Unit)

The first factor is the very obvious one, the image quality of the camera. There is no need to invest in a camera that won’t show you a proper image of your child. A decent picture quality that delivers the perfect location of your child tells you that if his/her eyes are open or shut, shows his movements, what item he is carrying, etc. is an essential factor for a camera.

Along with that, baby monitors are designed to take round-the-clock care of your babies, and they must have a night vision feature. Otherwise, they would be of no use.

Nights are the usual times when you are away from your babies, and you both need a sound sleep. Thus, a good monitor must-have an information night vision.

So, before buying a monitor, make sure that the cameras have a nice picture quality during days and nights; and they can capture exact videos from a respectful distance.

2. Monitor Display Quality (Parent Unit)

The second factor is the quality of the parent unit, i.e., the display screen. Baby monitors have a screen size of three to five inches, and you can choose the optimum one for yourself.

Plus, baby monitor displays have various features such as a split-screen where you can see both the cameras or even four cameras on the same screen and get the sound from the selected one.

These features make it extremely easy for you to check on your baby’s activities and movements in the rooms.

Other essential factors of a screen are volume and brightness adjustment levels, battery life of the parent unit, etc.

3. Connectivity

The next crucial factor that you must look for is connection requirements. Many baby monitors work on Wi-Fi networks and might also work on cellular data. Some of the monitors are free of internet requirements and work efficiently on their transmission technology.

So you must check the network requirement before getting the best dual camera baby monitor for you. There is also a mention of hacking-free network technology with some baby monitors, and they are much safer to use and operate.

These hacking-resistant devices ensure the safety of your beloved ones as well as your household.

The next factor about connectivity is the range of successful connections between the baby unit and the parent unit. Go for a long-range device so that you can easily monitor your child’s activities from virtually anywhere in the house or even outdoors if required.

4. Warranty And Guarantee

Baby monitors and cameras are electronic devices. Before buying any electronic appliance, it is highly advised to check the warranty and guarantee period of the device. In case you do not find the product worth your use or it has some manufacturing defects, you can easily apply for
refunds and returns.

So, before buying a baby monitor and camera for your kids, check the return, refund, and warranty period provided by the manufacturer. Doing so will ensure that you do not have to suffer in case of any problem.

5. Budget

The next factor is obviously – your budget. It is a fact that baby monitors are specially designed for your little ones; their nurturement and well-being. Thus, you must go for the quality of the product irrespective of your budget.

But the good news is that the baby monitors are available from highly economical to exclusively premium price ranges depending upon their functionality and quality. Thus, you won’t have to suffer because of your budget as you can get the one you can easily afford and manage.

6. PTZ And Other Features

PTZ stands for pan, tilt, or zoom. These three factors add efficiency to the operation level of a baby monitor. If your baby monitor can easily PTZ and capture the moments, it would be called a great device.

Many cameras, especially during nights, show the best that is at the center of the screen. With a remote control pan or tilt feature, you can easily find your baby or look at all the smallest activities from far away. Digital zoom will show you a bigger picture of your baby and tell you about his eyes, his face or running nose, or objects he is holding, etc. even at night.

So, before buying any camera, you must look at these factors and check if you can remotely control them, or you have to adjust the panning of the camera manually. Plus, you must read reviews about the quality of pictures after zooming the camera for better and effective surveillance.

7. Additional Factors

Along with the above-explained factors, there are several other aspects that you must take care of before getting the best dual camera baby monitor for your kids.

  • Battery life – One of the most frequent complaints about baby monitors is their short battery life and high drainage. Make sure that the cameras, as well as the parent unit, have a long-lasting battery along with power connectivity. Otherwise, the screen would die at night and would cause trouble for you and your baby.
  • The camera light – A lot of baby cameras have a bright light feature that becomes disturbing at night. Many babies find these lights distracting and keep staring at them instead of having a sound sleep. Many babies cannot sleep in light at all. For such instances, you should either check if your baby is comfortable with lights on or try buying a camera with no or dim lights feature.
  • Hack-free technology – One of the essential requirements that a baby monitor should fulfill is to have a privacy protection feature. Baby monitors that work on Wi-Fi networks are prone to hacking, and intruders might steal your valuable information. So, always look for the network and connectivity features of a baby monitor before buying one.
  • Expandability of the number of cameras -Baby monitors usually come as a parent unit and one or two cameras. If you have more than one kid or pets or more than two rooms, you will need more than two cameras. For such cases, the expandability feature will allow you to attach more cameras to the same device and easily observe all the rooms.

How To Efficiently Use A Baby Monitor?

1. Avoid placing cameras beside the glass, which will affect infrared LEDs.

2. Keep the cord away from the baby’s reach.

3. At least three feet from baby’s reach

4. Maintain Batteries


The emergence of advanced technology has also altered the traditional methods of baby-sitting. Now, you have innovative gadgets and electronic devices that can assure you faster learning and a safe and secure environment for your baby.

Baby monitors help you in reassuring your baby that you are always there for her/him. With these devices, you can manage all your work and keep an eye on your little ones with equal efficiency.

As it is a matter of your little ones’ safety and security, you must invest in a reliable and high-performing device. The best device for you depends very much on the size of your home, your traveling schedule, and, most importantly, on your baby’s age and comfort level.

So, if you are willing to buy the best baby monitors for two rooms, check all the important factors and buy the most reliable product for your dear baby.

FAQs on Baby Monitors For Two Rooms

Q1. Can I Use Baby Monitors For Monitoring My Pet?

Yes, of course, you can. Baby monitors are perfect for taking care of your babies, your pets, or even elderly members of your household. Even if someone else is babysitting your child or your pet, you can have an eye on all the activities taking place within the household with these smart devices.

Motion sensors on these monitors would also notify you about the movements of your pets and all other activities.

Q2. What Is The Best Place To Mount A Baby Monitor Camera?

If your baby monitor has a remote control PTZ (pan, tilt, or zoom) feature, you can mount it anywhere on a wall of a ceiling. But if it does not have these features and you have to tilt or pan it manually, you have to take special care during the mounting.

Just be sure that you keep all the cables, cords, or cameras away from the reach of your children. (At least 3 feet away, if she cannot crawl or walk)

Q3. Is It Safe To Use A Baby Monitor?

It depends very much on the connectivity factor of your monitor. Most of the monitors work on Wi-Fi networks and can be hacked by technically skilled intruders. So, it is advised to take care of your connection and network security while installing a baby monitor.

You can also consult professionals if you observe any frequent changes in your camera’s activities. Rest, these monitors are highly efficient devices that offer you complete peace of mind and excellent safety to your toddler.

Q4. Can I Use A Baby Monitor For My House Security?

Baby monitors come in the category of baby-sitting and work-home management kind of devices. They give you the exact knowledge about your kid’s activities, whereas home security cameras are specifically meant to ensure high security to your home, your family, and all the belongings.

Thus, these monitors are handy and easy to operate devices, and you can use them for the well-being of your loved ones. Still, you should buy professional security devices for the complete security of your household.

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