Baby Monitor Apps 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Being a modern parent is very difficult. One has to handle everything on their own. They are bound to bring you extra stress and anxiety in your life. However, the 21st century is known for its amazing technology. This new technology has also made looking after a baby digitized!

Now you can even look after your baby with the help of a smartphone. All you need is a smartphone with a baby monitor installed and the internet. Then you can choose from one of the best baby monitor apps for iPhone.


What Is Baby Monitor Apps?

If we have to put it in simple words, a baby monitoring app is a babysitter but digitized. Imagine your baby is sleeping, and you have to run an errand immediately. There is no one at home, and you will be gone for less than half an hour.

It is always not possible for you to go out with your baby. Moreover, having a babysitter for such a small amount of time isn’t realistic either. During these types of situations, you would want an easier way out.

This condition is where baby monitoring apps come into the scene. They are easy to set up. They will look after the baby for you while you leave the house for a short while. You can put your baby into its room and keep an eye on them for the night.

How Does Baby Monitoring Apps Work?

Looking after a baby in itself is a challenging job. Therefore, these baby monitoring apps make it a little easier. All you need to have are two smart devices. Sometimes even one would work; and a stable internet connection.

You just have to download a baby monitoring app and set it up accordingly. One of the devices has to be with the baby. Make sure to set it up in such a way that you can watch them properly. Another device will be with you to monitor your baby.

Most of the apps would send you live footage of your baby. Some apps will also send you an alert if the baby is crying, based on the noise levels in the room.

You can even talk to your baby with the help of these apps. Hearing your voice might soothe your baby down for a while and allow you to complete your errands. You can completely trust this process if you are leaving your baby for a very short time, or you are in a different room.

You might have to pay a small amount to access all the features. However, a small investment in such apps would help you for a very long time in the future.

When Do You Need Baby Monitor Apps?

Now you might feel that you can completely replace the role of a babysitter with a baby monitoring app. It is a common misconception. Baby monitoring apps are better in certain circumstances.

However, you cannot leave your baby under the care of a camera for a very long time. Therefore, we will be discussing some instances where you can use these apps without worrying:

Suppose you have decided to move the baby to its room. The first few nights could be a bit difficult for you and the baby. Hence, virtually staying by them would help a lot.

If you are on the other side of the house and your baby is sleeping. You might want to check real quick if the baby is doing alright.

One of the major reasons why parents usually use baby monitoring apps is when they are running errands. As mentioned before, running errands while the baby is asleep in the house is a stressful task. To relieve you a bit of that tension, we suggest using baby monitoring apps, which are very helpful.

Who said baby monitor apps are just for new-born babies? You can also keep an eye on your older kids if they are all alone in the house.

These are especially helpful for working parents who cannot afford to keep babysitters, or their kids are grown enough to be alone. They just want them to be safe.

Top 10 Baby Monitor Apps 2020

1. Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G Baby Monitor Apps

As the name suggests, this app is a lot like a babysitter, but digitized. You can install this app on your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer.

All you need to have are two devices. You will have to install one of them in the baby’s room and will be surveying through the other one.

The primary feature of this app that makes it a favorite is the Live Video Stream. You can keep an eye on the baby from its room without being there. You can watch the live footage through a Wi-fi network or cellular connection. If you want to save your data, you can just switch to getting pictures.

Now you must wonder what if the Wifi connection goes low? Well, good news for you! This app works even on 3G/LTE networks too! So no matter how far you go, you will still be able to keep an eye on your baby.

There are other outstanding features too! Like you can play lullabies for your baby when you are not near them, or can even speak to them with just the push of a button. It supports night light, which means you can watch your baby even when there is low light or no light at all.

You can even listen to every sound in the room, no matter how loud or small it is. This app even tracks the battery of the device in the baby’s room and warns you if it is low in battery. This app is one of the best baby monitor apps iPhone.


2. Dormi – Baby Monitor

Dormi - Baby Monitor

Dormi is one of those baby monitoring apps that will run even on the oldest of the android devices. They have designed an app that thinks about the users the most.

This app runs in the background to inform you about even the smallest movements of the baby. However, it consumes very little power so that you can use your device without worrying much.

It monitors even the smallest vibrations in your baby’s rooms and detects if the baby is crying. If your baby is crying, it will be immediately reported to your device. However, if you are on a call, it won’t cut the call but still notify you of the situation.

There is no need to configure the microphone sensitivity separately. The app adjusts the noise level automatically if kept a few meters away from the baby. It also has a Press and Listen and Push to Talk feature. Using these features, you can either listen or talk to your baby with just the click of a button.

However, you have to buy the premium feature of the app to monitor your baby for an unlimited period. Yet, you can use the free version for 4 hours a month.


3. Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor

This app is strictly for Apple users. You can use your iPhone or Mac and connect it to the same Wifi or cellular connection with the monitoring device. After setting up, enjoy the live stream of your baby in the room. The connection is completely secure, so you don’t have to worry about information getting leaked.

The app is quick to catch on the smallest of vibrations. You can even listen to your baby breathing. It will also alert you of the baby’s smallest motions too.

You can even play lullabies for the baby and create a special playlist. It also allows you to talk to the baby via audio or even video chat.

So if you feel like your baby is suddenly uncomfortable, you can comfort them even being far away. There are multi-child and multi-parent features too.

Both parents can operate or have access to the monitoring device. You can also use it for multiple babies if they are sleeping in separate rooms.

However, the only disadvantage of this app is it is only available for Apple users. This app is still in the development process for Android users. Also, you have to purchase the app to use it.


4. WiFi Baby Monitor Free & Lite

WiFi Baby Monitor: Free & Lite

This app is perfect if you want to give the baby monitor technology a try. The most significant advantage of this app is that it is completely free. You need not pay any extra charges to use this app or any of its features.

Another advantage is you can protect the interaction between you and your baby through a special password. This would ensure that important information won’t get leaked. It also has unique humidity and temperature sensors, which will notify you of any such change in the room.

It would also notify you of any network or connectivity issues on the monitoring device. Besides, it consumes very low data so that you can easily continue using your data.

However, as this is the free version of the actual app, it is better for a trail app. As with this version, you won’t be able to use the audio-video feature, and the app will keep playing ads in between the tracking.


5. Nancy Baby Monitor

Nancy Baby Monitor

Nancy Baby Monitor is an entirely free app through which you can monitor your baby’s movement. It is also extremely easy to set up this app.

All you need to do is install the app on both devices. You can also watch your baby on a live stream to keep an eye on their every movement. You can also talk to them whenever you want.

Another feature which is of great help to the parents is its endless reach. You won’t be disconnected from the monitoring device if you leave the room or even the house. This app works on both wifi and cellular connection ( 3G/LTE).

Being a parent, for you, it is common to question the security of the app. However, for Nancy Baby Monitor, you need to worry about it. All your interactions are end-to-end encrypted. No information can be accessed by the app even.

However, there is one drawback that this app faces; that is, there is no feature to play any lullabies for the baby. Also, there is no multi-child monitoring. So, you can use this app only for monitoring one child at a time.


6. Ahgoo Baby Monitor

Ahgoo Baby Monitor

As the saying goes, “Simple is better.” This phrase stands true for Ahgoo Baby Monitor. Even though it is a very simple app, it is considered to be one of the best baby monitor apps for iPhone.

It will take only a few seconds to complete the setup. All you need to do is install the app on both the devices and scan the QR code to connect.

You can watch your baby live stream from their room. This app even visualizes the slightest noise levels too. This way, you can be sure of even the slightest rustle in your baby’s room.

Also, you can set a specific noise level. If any noise crosses that level, the app will immediately inform you. This way, you can be safer with the baby.

This app also allows you to monitor the battery level in the baby’s device. So, you can keep track of how long the battery will last if you are out of your house. This feature will help you to have an idea when you need to reach home.

The only disadvantage of this app is that it does not allow multi-child monitoring. So, if you have more than one baby to monitor, you might need different accounts.


7. Baby Monitor- MVA

Baby Monitor- MVA

It is a very basic baby monitoring app which you can get for free on any Android devices available. If you compare this app to other paid ones, you might feel that it lacks a lot of features. However, if you do not want to invest much money on an app yet wish to monitor your baby, this app is the perfect choice for you!

One of the best features of this app is that it doesn’t even require an internet connection to monitor your baby. Hence, you need not worry about the monitoring device being connected to the Wifi or any cellular network.

It works almost like an alarm. You can set the noise sensitivity level. If the sound in the room exceeds that level, the app will understand that your baby is crying and will immediately report you. You will get a text or a call notification from the app.

Unfortunately, the app does not support the live stream feature; neither can it record any video. However, it will take a picture of the baby if crying is detected.

Another useful feature of this app, you can also make notes of your baby’s sleep patterns. It helps to record all the duration of your baby sleeping. Besides, you will also get useful tips from the app on sleep patterns.


8. Baby Monitor- Faebir

Baby Monitor- Faebir

This Baby Monitor from Faebir provides some excellent features even though it is completely free. Hence, you can get a babysitter for free for a couple of hours. The first impressive feature is that you need not have an internet connection.

You can use this app in offline mode. Usually, free apps come with a bunch of ads. Not with this Baby Monitor from Faebir! This free app has zero ads; this means you can monitor your baby without any interruption!

You need to adjust the noise sensitivity settings in the app. Once you have set it up, anytime the app detects the noise level rise, it will assume that the baby is crying and immediately call, text, or can even Skype you. It also supports multi-parent functions.

So, if you are not available, the app can also use other contacts. However, it does not allow multi-child monitoring. So if you have more than one baby to monitor in different rooms, you need to have other devices and open a separate account.

It has one small disadvantage. The app does not support any video streaming. Hence, you cannot look at your baby if it’s crying. This app consumes very little power. Therefore, you need not worry about the battery running down too soon.

Also, if the battery in the monitoring device is low, the app will inform about it too. The app also works when the device screen is off. This feature is beneficial in saving the battery of the device.


9. Annie Baby Monitor: Nanny Cam

Annie Baby Monitor Nanny Cam

This app can be a good substitute for a babysitter for a couple of hours. To set this app, you have to connect your monitoring device and your device via the app. After connecting to a secured internet connection, you can now easily monitor your baby in its room.

You can easily watch your baby live from another room or even from your nearby supermarket. You can even watch your baby in the night with all the lights off, with the night light feature. You can even mute the audio recording if you are not in an appropriate setting.

Moreover, you need not worry about the internet connection. You can also talk to your baby while watching it to soothe. This app will work in wifi or 3G/ LTE connection available.

Even if you are not watching the video feed of your baby, if there is any noise, which is above the set noise-sensitive level, you will be notified about it immediately. This app also supports multi-parents monitoring.

So even if you are not available, the app will notify the other person. You can also monitor more than one baby in different rooms.

One of the main worries while using a baby monitoring app is security. However, with the Annie Baby Monitor, you need not worry about any private information being leaked. The connection between you and your baby is securely encrypted.

Another feature that is a lifesaver is the battery alert. This app records the battery level in the monitoring device. If the level comes down, you will be immediately informed about it.


10. Baby Monitor: Video Baby Cam for Parents & Nanny

Baby Monitor: Video Baby Cam for Parents & Nanny

As the name suggests, Baby Monitor would monitor your baby as long as you want to. It has the live streaming feature through which you can easily watch the video footage of your baby sleeping.

You can even talk to your baby if there is an emergency. Imagine you are out running errands and suddenly get a notification alerting that your baby is crying. You can talk to your baby via the microphone to calm them down.

You can set up the sound sensitivity levels beforehand so that whenever the app records any sound higher than that, it will understand that the baby is crying. This property will help you to get rid of unwanted alerts.

This app also records the battery in the baby’s device. Hence, if the battery runs low, you will get an immediate update about the situation.

You can also watch your baby sleep at night with the help of the nightlight feature. This feature is quite helpful as this nightlight comes in the shape of 12 animals. It will not only record the baby but also help the baby fall asleep.

Also, you need not worry if you cannot attend the notifications immediately. This app supports multi-parent monitoring. Hence, if you don’t respond to the messages, the other person can attend them.


Is Baby Monitor Apps Safe?

After going through all the apps and the concept of baby monitoring apps, one inevitable question that should come to your mind is: Are these safe?

Usually, most of the information on the internet can be hacked. This thought alone is enough to make your retreat from the idea of using these apps.

However, some apps ensure that the connection is securely encrypted. Yet, this might not be enough to appease your thoughts. Therefore, you can follow some of the steps given below to protect your connection from any alleged hacking personally:

  • Suppose you are using a Wifi connection. Make sure to secure your wireless or wired router first. To connect the router, update the firmware in the router.
  • Secondly, disable the remote access option. Make sure no one can configure your router from anywhere except once inside the house.
  • Always make sure that the baby monitoring device is password protected. Also, the password should be strong. Avoid giving birthdays or names as the password.
  • Try to set mixed characters as your password. It becomes challenging to figure it out.
  • Make sure to check the logs in the devices at the end of the day. Check them carefully and find out if anyone tried to log into the devices. You can understand that by noticing the IP addresses.
  • If you find an unusual IP address, it could be that someone was trying to hack in. Also, try to check the time of log in. Always keep a note of when you and your partner are logging in to the device. If you find an unusual time, you can be sure that someone else is trying to peek in.

Take Care!

We hope that you got the concept of baby monitoring apps. Modern technology is all about making people’s life easier. It has also successfully taken over the Baby industry too.

In previous times, it was quite difficult to look after a baby and also manage the house. However, now it’s all in one device. You can turn your smartphone into a CCTV camera with a click.

We understand that keeping a babysitter or a nanny is a very costly affair, and we value your money. However, you might feel investing in a baby monitoring app overwhelming too. However, if you think about it, you can use the baby monitor app 24*7 after buying it once.

Whereas you had to pay a babysitter or nanny by the hour, with an app, you need not hurry up if you are assured that your baby is sleeping under ideal conditions.

Gradually, with new updates, these apps are getting more efficient. As you might have noticed, there are a few apps that have features like playing songs and lullabies. It means if your baby is crying, you can just play their favorite playlist to keep them quiet or play some good lullabies, which will make them fall asleep.

Some apps also keep track of the sleeping schedule of the baby, which could be helpful to you to plan your daily schedule.

We have tried to enlist the best of the baby monitor for iPhone and Android devices too. You can choose the one that suits you the most.

However, if you are entirely new to this technology, we recommend you to take a chance with the free apps and then go for the paid ones. In this way, it will be easier for you to figure it out and make the best use of your paid app’s features.

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