Best Split Screen Baby Monitors 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Moonybaby 2. Motorola 3. LBtech
Moonybaby Non-Wifi Baby Monitor with Split ScreenMotorola Video Baby Monitor with Split Screen ViewLBtech Video Baby Monitor with Multi-Camera Support

Baby monitors are a necessity for parents as the monitors help them keep a watch on their babies to ensure that their little ones don’t get any trouble when they are all by themselves in their room. A split-screen baby monitor allows you to watch the footage from more than one camera on a single device.


If you are a parent, you may want to invest in a baby monitor. You will be able to ensure your infant’s or toddler’s safety, and you will even be able to communicate with them when you are some rooms away.

If you want to choose the best split screen baby monitor, this guide is going to help you. So, keep reading on to get more info on baby monitors now.

Top 20 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors 2020

1. Moonybaby Non-Wifi Baby Monitor with Split Screen

Moonybaby Non-Wifi Baby Monitor with Split ScreenThe Moonybaby monitor comes with two paired cameras that you can install in different rooms to watch your child’s movement. This feature will especially be helpful if you have twins and keep them in separate rooms. This monitor can pair up to four cameras at a time.

It is completely wireless and guarantees a secure connection between the monitor and the cameras. It does not require any Wifi setup and operates through a 2.4Ghz signal. The network stays protected and free of interference. You can effectively watch your children from any part of the house through the monitor.

The talk-back feature that it comes with allows you to respond to your baby or to ask them questions. You can assure your baby of your presence with this useful feature. This split-screen baby monitor has long battery life.

It can operate for six continuous hours in normal mode and for up to eight hours in power-saving mode. The quality is clear, and you can even zoom in to get a better and closer view.

It has an automatic night mode that will help you see the movements of your baby from your room even at night. It can also monitor the room temperature and have five built-in lullabies to keep your baby entertained or help it sleep.

The size of the bright white monitor is 4.3 inches, and it comes in a sleek design. This split-screen baby monitor comes at an affordable price too. You can expect excellent quality and functioning if you choose to invest in this Moonybaby baby monitor.


2. Motorola Video Baby Monitor with Split Screen View

Motorola Video Baby Monitor with Split Screen ViewThe five-inch screen of this Motorola baby monitor will allow you to keep a tab on your baby during the day and even at night. It is full of essential features and looks good too. The LCD color screen will give you a wide-angle glimpse of your little one.

You can choose to install the two portable cameras that this baby monitor comes within a single room or in different rooms. The best part is the split-screen feature that allows you to view both the feeds at once.

You can remotely manage the camera angle, view, and zoom in or out with the monitor. The monitor also acts as an intercom system, allowing you to communicate with your baby. You can stay connected and talk to them whenever they need you.

The cameras are fitted with high-sensitivity microphones that capture even the slightest of sounds. So, you will always know what’s going around in your baby’s room.

The monitoring system uses the wireless technology of 2.4Ghz and operates through rechargeable batteries. It also comes with special infra-red technology that allows a night-vision.

Overall, the functioning is great but note that the pairing of this split screen baby monitor can be affected by other devices in close range.


3. LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Multi-Camera Support

LBtech Video Baby Monitor with Multi-Camera SupportThis video baby monitor allows you to monitor the baby’s real-time activities without any delay. It has a 4.3-inch LCD color screen with a split-screen option, which makes it easy to watch two cameras at once. It is easy to operate and doesn’t require wifi or the internet to function.

It comes with two cameras but can pair up to four cameras in total. This LBtech split screen baby monitor will allow you to take care of all your babies at once. It also allows 2x zoom so that you can see all the minor movements of the child.

It also has a power-saving mode that helps to save battery life by up to 50 percent. Its advanced voice-activation system lights up the screen automatically when the baby starts to cry. You can easily communicate with your baby anytime you like, using the communication mode.

It can monitor the temperature and warn you if it is uncomfortable and has an automatic night-vision too. This baby monitor is a good one, and you should consider buying it.


4. Babysense Video Baby Monitoring System with Split Screen

Babysense Video Baby Monitoring System with Split ScreenThis is a basic video monitoring system with two cameras. It is extremely affordable and is satisfactorily functional. The screen is only 3.5-inches but supports split screening.

However, because of the limited screen size, you won’t be able to see every nook and corner of the room your baby is in. The camera still comes with wide-angle lenses.

You will get a digital vision with this baby monitor but not a detailed one. The system operates on a wireless 2.4Ghz technology and gives a stable connection. It also has a two-way talkback feature that lets you communicate with your child through the cameras.

The built-in lullabies in this system help your baby during nap time. It is a long-range monitoring system that will let you keep watch on your babies even after you step out of the home.

The range roughly goes up to 960 feet of open space. It also alerts you when you are going out of range.

It also comes with a night-vision. Overall, it is a nice product but most definitely not the best split screen baby monitor on the market. Its small screen seems to be its only major shortcoming.


5. CasaCam BM200 Video Baby Monitor

CasaCam BM200 Video Baby MonitorThis video monitoring system has a large five-inch LCD display screen. It comes with a charging cradle and an HD pan and tilt camera, and a wall mounting bracket. It also features a user-friendly interface in six languages and is easy to operate.

It activates LED lights through sound and also gives a temperature display. It will also alert you when the temperature range goes off.

You can adjust its HD camera to pan or tilt settings. The nightlight will help you keep a watch on your baby even during the night.

With its two-way audio, you will be able to communicate with your baby. This system is expandable up to four cameras. It also allows digital zoom for a crystal clear view of the baby and its surroundings.

The system is wireless and secure. You can charge it on its charging base conveniently. CasaCam also offers good tech support and a free warranty.

The only con seems to be that the night vision offered by this camera is not that reliable. Otherwise, it is a good split screen baby monitor.


6. VTech Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

VTech Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor with Two CamerasThis is a mini baby video monitoring system with a split screen option. It has a 2.8-inch LCD screen with a full-color display. It comes with an automatic infrared night vision as well that will allow you to view your baby even during the night.

The whole set comes with one parent unit monitor and two baby unit cameras. The cameras also act as a two-way intercom, and you can use it to talk to your baby.

You can also use it to play some pre-set lullabies to put your baby to sleep. The cameras can be mounted on the wall and come with mounting equipment. You can adjust the camera angle to best view your baby.

It is expandable up to four baby units and uses a 2.4Ghz digital frequency to transmit audio-visual signals.


7. Babysense Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Babysense Baby Monitor with Two CamerasWith the Babysense baby monitoring system, you will get a real-time view of your baby. The 4.3-inch high-quality display enables you to keep a keen watch on your little one.

The connection that the 2.4Ghz frequency provides is stable and secure. You can not only watch your baby but also interact with it using the two-way intercom.

The system also has some built-in lullabies to help your baby fall asleep in the absence of its parents. The system has a range of 960 feet of open space.

The cameras that come with this system have night vision, can be adjusted pan or tilt, and can be 2x zoomed. The night vision is not as clear as the day vision.

Note that the split-screen option lets you view only the middle of each camera. If you want to see the baby from a side view, you will have to view it from the individual screen. The battery life is not good.

You will also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on this product.


8. Axvue HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Axvue HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Two CamerasA high definition 5-inch screen gives you a crystal clear view of your babies. It has a rapid pixel response that gives you a clear picture of the baby. Also, its 1000ft working range allows you a better signal even as you move around the house.

The most useful feature of this baby monitor is its split screen that allows you to keep a watch on both the cameras at the same time.

Two cameras will also come with this setup. You can zoom in up to 6x on the cameras. The whole structure is white in color. The battery is quite powerful and can provide 15 hours on standby.

The whole system is made to act on a one-key fast operation. It won’t lag, is super responsive, and easy to set up.

It also has ultra-night vision and switches to night mode by itself. It operates through a wireless transmission that cannot be hacked, and so you will not have to worry about the safety of your family. It can accurately detect the temperature of the room too.

You can even talk to your baby with the two-way communication feature.


9. Moonybaby Split 55 Video Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Split 55 Video Baby MonitorIts monitor allows a split-screen for its two cameras. You can view the footage from both the cameras on a single device. It uses a self-network and not wifi or the internet.

Its cameras have a pan and tilt feature to guarantee you the best footage possible. It has a 4.3-inches large monitor to make on which you can comfortably view the feed.

The cameras also come with a night-vision that will help you keep a watch on your baby 24×7. This system can also monitor the temperature of the room. It comes with a two-way talkback feature as well.

It is a battery-powered system with the battery having a long life. It is also easily replaceable. The camera comes with pan, tilt, and zoom settings, and a wide-angle lens. The cameras have a colorful night light, clear night vision.

It also has built-in lullabies power-saving mode. You can also have effective two-way communication with the baby via its voice activation system.

You can use scan mode to split the screen into two modes. It comes with a camera wall mount too.

This baby monitoring system is a little pricey but worth the money that you pay for it. You will get a room temperature sensor built in the cameras, too, and you can set your own temperature alerts.

The network range of this system is excellent if you keep the antenna uncovered. It won’t unnecessarily lag. It is very easy to set up, and you have a choice of using or not using the given features.


10. Vava Baby Monitor with Split View and Infrared Night Vision

Vava Baby Monitor with Split View and Infrared Night VisionThis baby monitor is on the pricey side. You can care for two babies at a time with this split screen baby monitor. The screen displays views from both the side of the camera by the side on the large, 5-inch screen monitor. The resolution of the screen is 720p, good enough to provide a clear view.

The system will give you audio and visual monitoring alerts you when the baby is discomforted or crying. It will make the process of looking after your little one easier. It auto-switches between different screens every fifteen seconds to help you see what’s going on everywhere.

It has an automatic night mode through which you get a crystal clear view by grayscale infrared images. You will be able to see even the slightest of movements at night. The camera allows close-ups of up to 2x and 4x zoom. It also does auto-pilot panoramic scans.

It uses a 4500mAh rechargeable battery that lasts 18 hours in audio-only mode and at least 10 hours in audio-video mode. The device uses its own frequency network and not wifi. Any transmitted data will stay secure.


11. JouSecu Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

JouSecu Video Baby Monitor with Two CamerasWith this baby monitor, you can see real-time scenes from two-cameras at the same time. However, you can hear the sound of only one selected screen at a time. It is a convenient plug and play system that requires no internet or wifi to function.

Through its temperature detection system, you can set high and low-temperature values. This feature will help you to keep the temperature of the baby’s room stable. The system also comes with built-in lullabies for your child.

It also has four sensitivity options that can help detect the crying of your baby. It wakes up the screen automatically when the baby is crying.

You can respond and be there for your baby even when you are not actually there. It also has a VOX mode that turns the screen off automatically when your baby falls asleep.

It has a 1440mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours when it is fully charged. It functions on a built-in 2.4Ghz signal through FHSS transmission technology.

It is completely safe in terms of privacy, and the signal is also stable. You can adjust the screen brightness according to your preference. It comes in all-white color with a 4.3-inch screen.


12. BattleWhale Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Battlewhale Baby Monitor With Two CamerasYou will get a full range camera with a split screen in the monitor of this system. Two portable pan-tilt-zoom cameras give a wide and expansive view of the whole room.

You can set each camera in different rooms to view both feeds at once using the split-screen feature. The monitor comes with a 5-inch LCD color screen and infrared night vision with auto-switch. You will get a clear view of your baby at night too.

With a clear audio-video, you also get a camera that can zoom up to 2x and gives you a pan 360-degrees view. It is very easy-to-operate the system and changes the direction of the cameras. Moreover, the system can support up to four cameras.

It is a smart system that will notify you of any loud noises in the room. It also has a motion detector to alert you when the baby is moving. While in VOX mode, if the baby starts crying, the system will auto-wake the screen and alert the parent unit.

It also allows clear, two-way audio communication. It has also got a temperature control to make sure that the temperature is always suitable for your baby.

The 1000ft long range of the system gives you more liberty to move around. The transmission also stays stable when you are moving around the house.

Overall, this is the most affordable and easy to use baby monitoring system. It has a simple design, good functioning, excellent range, and is one of the best split screen baby monitors that you can get for the price.


13. Babysense Baby Video Monitor V43 with Split Screen

Babysense Baby Video Monitor V43 with Split ScreenThis baby monitor comes with a split screen monitor and two cameras. It also comes with an under-the-mattress movement monitor via two sensor pads. It is a highly sensitive non-touch device to monitor the baby’s micro-movements.

This passive sensor system that detects even the slightest of movement is entirely safe and will not harm your baby.

It has two-way audio and lullabies to help calm your baby and put it to sleep. The IR night vision will let you monitor your child even during the night.

It is a small, portable system that you can move anywhere according to your wish. It is a reliable and patented, one-of-its-kind non-touch movement monitor.

An alarm system alerts the parent unit if no movement is detected within 20 seconds. The system comes with a one-year warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee. It is a little pricey but worth investing in for the additional benefits.


14. MoonyBaby Trust 30 Video Baby Monitor

Moonybaby Trust 30 Video Baby MonitorThe Moonybaby Trust 30 baby monitor comes with two cameras and a monitor. This brand is known for the best split screen baby monitors, which is why you can trust its quality.

You get to ensure the complete security of your house with this security system. It operates over a non-wifi network and doesn’t upload any of your private data anywhere.

The camera settings can be adjusted pan-tilt wise. You can zoom in on the camera for closer views too.

It comes with a large monitor screen that lets you view every nook and corner of the room. It also has built-in night vision. It is equipped with every feature that will help you in looking after your baby.

It operates on a long-range and has a temperature detector as well. You will get to know exactly when your baby is becoming upset and because of what reason. This device also eases communication between parent and child with its two-way talkback technology. It will allow you to speak to your baby to comfort it.

This is a battery-powered system and lasts for hours. The long battery life lasts up to 8 hours in power-saving mode. This product, thus, ensures a private and secure connection for the safety of your family through its own 2.4Ghz interference-free signal.

This system allows multi-camera expandability too. So, if you want to add up more cameras along with other rooms, you can do that. It is a good product and worth investing your money in.


15. HemiVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor

HemiVision HM136 Video Baby MonitorThe screen of this system has a 5-inch LCD display and a 720 HD camera quality. The picture quality is so good, and it will show you the image in more detail than other cameras.

You can pan the lens of the camera 355 degrees from corner to corner and tilt to 110 degrees for the floor to ceiling. You can also change these settings without any hassle.

The monitor and cameras are well connected to each other, and no internet or wifi connection is required for the operation. Therefore, no data is uploaded anywhere, and the device stays absolutely safe. You get real-time audio-visual transmission with a range up to 1000ft.

This system also has a unique night-vision sensor that makes visibility in the dark better. IR LED to help create a soothing environment for your baby to sleep.

Overall, this is a multi-functional system with a convenient design that also comes at a reasonable price. If you are not looking for anything too specific in a split screen baby monitor, you will like this one.


16. DBPower Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

DBPower Video Baby Monitor with Camera and AudioThis DBPower baby monitor is a steal deal that you should invest in. It has a 2.4Ghz connection that promises stability and an interference-free network. It comes with 100% encryption technology to safeguard your privacy.

You won’t have to compromise on the security or overall quality aspect with this device in your hand.

The monitor automatically sleeps to save power, and upon detecting the baby’s voice, the warning lights will turn on, and the screen is activated. This property extends the working time of the system by consuming lower power. You will not have to worry about

Two-way audio will allow you to tell bedtime stories to your child and to comfort it when it needs you. There are also built-in lullabies in this system that you can play during nap time.

You can also set a feeding alarm on the system, and the monitor will remind you after every few hours that it is time to feed the baby.

You also get infrared night-vision in the cameras. You will be able to look after your baby even during the nights. It is a multi-functional system with a night-light, temperature monitoring, camera pan, tilt, zoom, etc.

You can also extend the system up to 4 different cameras to get a view of different rooms or of a single room from different angles.

This product is also extremely affordable but only comes with one camera.


17. Summer Lookout Duo 5-inch LCD Video Baby Monitor

Summer Lookout Duo 5-inch LCD Video Baby MonitorIt has got a 5-inch LCD screen and comes with two cameras that you can set up anywhere. You can install it all by yourself as it comes with a no-hole, removable wall mount.

You will need no tools for its assembly. It has a versatile camera that you can either place on any surface or mount on the wall, as per your preference.

It has automatic night-vision digital privacy, digital zoom, two-way talk-back feature, and nursery temperature monitoring. It is also an expandable system with up to four cameras.

You can add cameras to monitor multiple rooms or children. The system has a 1000ft range.

It requires 4 AA batteries to operate, a set of which is included with the system. It is not very expensive, looks fine and functions perfectly. However, it does not have the picture quality of the best split screen baby monitor but is not too bad either.


18. VTech VM350-2 Expandable Video Baby Monitoring System

VTech VM350-2 Expandable Video Baby Monitoring SystemIf high resolution is your priority while choosing a monitoring system for your baby, consider buying this one. It has a 5-inch LCD screen that lets you see every move of your baby in full color and clarity. This system has a plug-and-play feature, meaning no internet is required to set up the network.

It has a range of 1000ft so you can easily monitor your children’s room from any other corner of your house. It has a two-way talk-back intercom system that lets you talk to your baby.

The system also has built-in soothing sounds and lullabies to comfort your child to sleep. Its temperature sensor will monitor the temperature of the room of your little one to keep it cozy.

The overall dimensions of the monitor are 10.3 x 8.4 x 4.1 inches. It is a sound monitoring system, but it is non-expandable. So, if you need more than two cameras to keep an eye on your child, you may want to look for another product.


19. Axvue Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Axvue Video Baby Monitor with Two CamerasThis is a super-affordable high-resolution baby monitoring system. The whole system consists of a large, high-resolution TFT-LCD 5-inch screen monitor and two cameras. Its operation is fast and smooth.

You also get shortcut keys on both sides and can hold it as a handheld gaming console. The screen has a ratio of 16:9 and makes one-key fast operation possible.

The camera has six infrared LED lights that enable you to see clearly in the dark. It has a high ISO capacity and is a long-range device. You can even extend its operating range. The monitor sleeps to save energy and wakes itself up if it detects any noise in the room.

The device also monitors the temperature. This property will help you ensure the comfort of your baby over anything else. The system will alarm you if the temperature is too high or too low, and you can adjust it then accordingly.

It is the perfect monitoring system for two rooms and is safe and reliable. It also comes in a lovely white color.


20. MoonyBaby Trust 50 Video Baby Monitor

MoonyBaby Trust 50 Video Baby MonitorThis device promises a secure and private connection; it is completely safe and won’t upload data anywhere. It operates on a self-created network and doesn’t require any internet or wifi.

It has a two-way talk-back option that you can use to interact with your baby at any time. You can tell them stories or sing them to sleep. The system also has a long battery life and a power-saving and VOX mode that switches the screen off when you are not using it.

At the same time, it will keep the audio on so that you can hear the voice of your baby or any noise from the room. It will also automatically detect the crying of your baby and alert you about it.

It has more features that make it a smart buy. With an automatic night-vision, temperature control, pre-built lullabies, zoom-in, camera wall mount, you get a lot with this system. It only comes with one camera, but you can always expand this system and add three more cameras.


Factors To Look For Before Buying Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

1. Screen Size

The first thing that anybody notices before buying a product is its size and appearance. The best split screen baby monitor should have a screen size that is neither too big nor too small.

There is no point in getting a monitoring device with an extremely small monitor as it will barely show any clear footage. On the other hand, if you get a system with an unusually large screen-size, you will be unable to carry it around with ease. It will defeat the whole purpose of a portable monitoring system.

An ideal screen-size will show you the footage of the camera clearly. It will also let you a glance into every nook and corner of the room that the cameras are fitted in.

Furthermore, the screen-size becomes all the more important in a split-screen video monitoring system. This is because the screen will show the footage from both the cameras simultaneously. If the screen size is not big enough, the footage will be unclear.

2. Picture Quality

The picture quality in a split-screen baby monitor matters, and you should most definitely pay attention to this feature when you are buying it for your own home. The screen resolution should be good so that you can see the picture in all its clarity.

If you can’t see what’s on the screen clearly, there is no point in getting a video monitor. You would want to see the movement of your baby clearly to make sure that it is safe and sound at all times.

Also, night-vision quality should also be good. If a night-vision camera is blurry or has a bad resolution, you will never know what is going on with your baby.

Some baby monitors come with advanced infrared night-vision cameras that promise perfectly clear grayscale views. Make sure to know about the day and night time picture qualities of the cameras before buying them for your home.

3. Affordability

Monitoring systems are not very expensive, and even the best split screen baby monitor won’t cost you a fortune. However, you can allot a fixed budget for a monitoring system and buy it accordingly.

This guide mentions various split screen baby monitors that come in different price ranges; you will definitely get some help from it.

4. Brand

When you are investing in a monitoring system for your home, it is imperative that you invest in a good brand. Brands come with benefits and are more reliable.

You can expect any product that is from a trusted brand to last longer and function better than any other product. Some trusted brands like Moonybaby, VTech, and CasaCam are well-known and have affordable split screen baby monitors.

5. Battery Life

It will be very annoying to recharge your baby monitor too often. Therefore, you should look for an option that doesn’t run out of battery too soon.

The battery of your baby monitor should last for at least 8 hours. You can charge the battery before bedtime and keep the monitor working through the night so that you know what’s going on with your baby.

Remember that baby monitoring systems can come with 4 AA batteries or a lithium battery. Lithium batteries usually last longer and are rechargeable, so consider getting a system with those.

6. Extra Features

Some extra features that you should also pay attention to are the transmission. The overall range should be enough to maintain the network even as you walk away from the child unit.

Some added features are also two-way talk, lullabies, night-vision, and an option to expand the system by adding more cameras. The two-way talk feature can be a necessity as babies often feel the need to be comforted by the parent.

Best Split Screen Baby Monitors – Conclusion

So, these were some of the options that you can look into if you want the best split-screen baby monitor for your home. This guide aimed to help you do quick yet thorough research regarding split screen baby monitors.

Remember to keep all the useful factors to remember in mind before ordering your baby monitor.

FAQs on Split Screen Baby Monitors

Q1. Can Someone Hack Into A Baby Video Monitor?

A baby video monitor can only be hacked if it operates over wifi or the internet. On the other hand, baby monitors that use a self-created network are safe and hack-proof.

Q2. Are Baby Monitors Dangerous?

No, baby monitors are not dangerous. On the contrary, baby monitors help the parent to keep a watch over the children remotely. The only time when baby monitors can pose a threat to your child is when the cameras are fixed at a location from where they can fall down.

With a careful fitting and a non-internet network, baby monitors can pose no threat to your child.

Q3. At What Age Of Your Baby Should You Stop Using Monitors?

There is no specific age when you need to stop using baby monitors. In fact, baby monitors can also be used to watch over your toddler.

However, when your baby learns what is safe for them and what is not and learns to sit, stand, and call for help, you can stop using it. Roughly, parents stop using it when their kids turn two years or older.

Q4. Do Baby Monitors Affect Sleep?

Baby monitors only affect sleep in a good and positive way. If you pick up a baby monitoring system that has built-in lullabies, it will help to comfort your baby and to sleep.
You can also choose a system with soothing LED lights, which you can switch on when it is bedtime for your baby.

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