Baby’s Bottom Line

Properly bathing a newborn is a skill only learnt through experience. But what should new parents do? Besides getting the proper training there are some products that will make the process of trying to bathe a newborn much easier. We were looking for such products and came across the No Slip Charlie, this is a glove that is designed to give you just the grip you needed when trying to bathe a baby.

The no slip Charlie is made using safe materials which come in a pink and blue color. It can make new parents feel a lot more confident while handling their baby. Another product that we highly recommend new parents is a baby monitor. These devices can save you a lot of hassle.

But you might be wondering, there are so many baby monitors and if you should buy one then what’s the best? Well, we are here to answer that very question. Here is our carefully researched buyers guide covering the best movement baby monitors in the market.